What you need to know about Alcohol and your Skin

During times of stress and times of joy, we reach for an alcoholic beverage. It has become the norm and, it is oh so easy to over indulge in our favourite drink (or drinks for that matter). Who can blame us with our delicious locally produced wines? Not to mention, for many South Africans, a braai is not a braai if not enjoyed with a beer.

For those of us who take good care of our skin and want to maintain a healthy glow, it is worthwhile investigating the effects that too much alcohol has on skin health. Although certain alcoholic beverages – such as red wine – can have a beneficial effect due to the potent antioxidant resveratrol content, this benefit is only from the odd glass and not the bottle.

This blog article aims to inform you of the impact alcohol has on your skin. And, secondly, what you can do to minimize the negative impact it may have on your skin. Knowledge is key in being more mindful next time you feel like having that ‘extra one’.

  1. Alcohol is a diuretic and therefore aggravates skin dehydration

    Diuretics are substances that increase the excretion of water from the body. More frequent urination and sweating causes cells to become dehydrated. This is why you might have experienced waking up in the middle of the night with a dire thirst that needs quenching. Dehydration in skin is never a good thing. It accelerates aging causing wrinkles and fine lines. In some skin types, the skin can even become flaky and sensitive.

    Mindful tips to remember:

    • Eat before indulging and take regular sips of water between drinks.
    • Use a hydrating face mask three times a week to combat dryness and redness
    • QMS Power Firm Mask has a 24 hour effect and is suitable as a sleep-on mask.
  2. Alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle and therefore minimizes the regeneration process causing premature aging

    Do you wake up puffy, tired, and moody after a late night? Restless nights of tossing and turning are quite common after you have had one too many. Here’s why…

    Our bodies have a natural internal clock called the circadian rhythm. This internal clock regulates bodily processes such as metabolism, immunity, energy levels and even your mood! Don’t forget that the skin is a protective organ as well as an organ of excretion. This means that immunity, energy, and detoxification would be of great importance for a healthy glow.

    While we sleep, the skin’s regeneration functions are most active. This is the time that the lymphatic system gets activated helping the skin to make new skin cells, remove toxins and metabolic by-products. Any damage accumulated during awake time is repaired during sleep – this is why, when we are sick, our bodies naturally want to rest and sleep. And voila!… when you wake up you feel and look better.

    Alcohol interferes with this internal clock as it is a stimulant on your nerve endings. Basically, it activates the body’s fight and flight system which is ultimately the body’s stress response.

    The skin is affected by this restlessness and you wake up puffy and tired-looking, or even get that annoying pimple appear out of nowhere! This is due to the unfortunate impact on the skin’s energy, detoxification, and immunity.

    As we can see, the circadian rhythm is just as vital for healthy of the skin as it is for the rest of your vital organs. It is important that we get quality sleep. A good night’s sleep will make you look and feel fresh.

    Mindful tips to remember:

    • Avoid mixing alcohol with other stimulants such as sugar and caffeine.
    • Adopt the attitude of quality over quantity.
    • Physical activity helps to rid the body of excess toxins faster and more effectively.
  3. Alcohol causes vasodilation aggravating redness and inflammation in the skin

    Many people experience facial flushing when drinking alcohol. Those with rosacea will know what I mean. Capillaries temporarily dilate to bring more blood to the skin surface allowing for a flushed look. With unhealthy drinking habits, capillaries might become permanently dilated and facial redness exacerbated – especially over the nose and cheeks.

    Mindful tips to remember:

    • We recommend QMS Nutricosmetics – Collagen Intravital Plus. We love the powerful boost to the skin’s immune system gets from red grape seeds. At the same time, it provides highly concentrated super antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B complex for energized skin.
    • Two capsules a day keeps the skin okay!
  4. The moral of the story is this: “a tot a day will keep the stress away, but a bottle could land you in trouble”.

    Enjoy guilt free indulging but keep it in moderation. It is always wise to increase your daily water intake and eat a balanced diet rich in nutrient dense foods. Never underestimate the value of investing in quality, science-backed products for extra skin support.

    We are here to help you with all your skin queries, not matter what they are. Get in touch with your questions or for a bespoke skin consultation on info@futurethis.co.za.