What you need to know about Alcohol and your Skin

During times of stress and times of joy, we reach for an alcoholic beverage. It has become the norm and, it is oh so easy to over indulge in our favourite drink (or drinks for that matter). Who can blame us with our delicious locally produced wines? Not to mention, for many South Africans, a braai is not a braai if not enjoyed with a beer.

For those of us who take good care of our skin and want to maintain a healthy glow, it is worthwhile investigating the effects that too much alcohol has on skin health. Although certain alcoholic beverages – such as red wine – can have a beneficial effect due to the potent antioxidant resveratrol content, this benefit is only from the odd glass and not the bottle.

This blog article aims to inform you of the impact alcohol has on your skin. And, secondly, what you can do to minimize the negative impact it may have on your skin. Knowledge is key in being more mindful next time you feel like having that ‘extra one’.

  1. Alcohol is a diuretic and therefore aggravates skin dehydration

    Diuretics are substances that increase the excretion of water from the body. More frequent urination and sweating causes cells to become dehydrated. This is why you might have experienced waking up in the middle of the night with a dire thirst that needs quenching. Dehydration in skin is never a good thing. It accelerates aging causing wrinkles and fine lines. In some skin types, the skin can even become flaky and sensitive.

    Mindful tips to remember:

    • Eat before indulging and take regular sips of water between drinks.
    • Use a hydrating face mask three times a week to combat dryness and redness
    • QMS Power Firm Mask has a 24 hour effect and is suitable as a sleep-on mask.
  2. Alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle and therefore minimizes the regeneration process causing premature aging

    Do you wake up puffy, tired, and moody after a late night? Restless nights of tossing and turning are quite common after you have had one too many. Here’s why…

    Our bodies have a natural internal clock called the circadian rhythm. This internal clock regulates bodily processes such as metabolism, immunity, energy levels and even your mood! Don’t forget that the skin is a protective organ as well as an organ of excretion. This means that immunity, energy, and detoxification would be of great importance for a healthy glow.

    While we sleep, the skin’s regeneration functions are most active. This is the time that the lymphatic system gets activated helping the skin to make new skin cells, remove toxins and metabolic by-products. Any damage accumulated during awake time is repaired during sleep – this is why, when we are sick, our bodies naturally want to rest and sleep. And voila!… when you wake up you feel and look better.

    Alcohol interferes with this internal clock as it is a stimulant on your nerve endings. Basically, it activates the body’s fight and flight system which is ultimately the body’s stress response.

    The skin is affected by this restlessness and you wake up puffy and tired-looking, or even get that annoying pimple appear out of nowhere! This is due to the unfortunate impact on the skin’s energy, detoxification, and immunity.

    As we can see, the circadian rhythm is just as vital for healthy of the skin as it is for the rest of your vital organs. It is important that we get quality sleep. A good night’s sleep will make you look and feel fresh.

    Mindful tips to remember:

    • Avoid mixing alcohol with other stimulants such as sugar and caffeine.
    • Adopt the attitude of quality over quantity.
    • Physical activity helps to rid the body of excess toxins faster and more effectively.
  3. Alcohol causes vasodilation aggravating redness and inflammation in the skin

    Many people experience facial flushing when drinking alcohol. Those with rosacea will know what I mean. Capillaries temporarily dilate to bring more blood to the skin surface allowing for a flushed look. With unhealthy drinking habits, capillaries might become permanently dilated and facial redness exacerbated – especially over the nose and cheeks.

    Mindful tips to remember:

    • We recommend QMS Nutricosmetics – Collagen Intravital Plus. We love the powerful boost to the skin’s immune system gets from red grape seeds. At the same time, it provides highly concentrated super antioxidant Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B complex for energized skin.
    • Two capsules a day keeps the skin okay!
  4. The moral of the story is this: “a tot a day will keep the stress away, but a bottle could land you in trouble”.

    Enjoy guilt free indulging but keep it in moderation. It is always wise to increase your daily water intake and eat a balanced diet rich in nutrient dense foods. Never underestimate the value of investing in quality, science-backed products for extra skin support.

    We are here to help you with all your skin queries, not matter what they are. Get in touch with your questions or for a bespoke skin consultation on info@futurethis.co.za.

Skincare for Men

Skincare for Men

Gents! Get your handsome on with men’s skincare from Team Dr Joseph. Expert recommendations for grooming, moisturizing, shaving and ant-aging care.

Whether you are starting out with your first serum or honouring a six-step skincare routine, Team Dr Joseph offers high-tech scientific solutions to suit your lifestyle.

If you have only ever used a bar of soap and never considered using a moisturiser – a good place to start is with a decent cleanser. Use a facial cleanser that contains moisturizing and deep cleansing ingredients. This will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean but not tight or dry afterwards. Purifying Cleansing Gel is a favourite with most men because of its gel texture. The special combination of valuable plant extracts ensures a fresh, pure, and noticeably clarified complexion.

If you are still working at keeping oil, acne, and ingrown hairs at bay, then our Deep Purifying Serum is in order. Many men would prefer to keep their skincare routine down to as few steps as possible, so consider this a solution. You can use the serum on its own morning and evening for a renewed and refreshed look. The power serum supports the natural skin cleansing and clarifies deep into the skin. Rich in soothing and cleansing active plant ingredients, it ensures a smooth and clear skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a hero ingredient and widely used for its plumping and hydrating effects – essential for anyone developing fine lines and wrinkles. Daily Moisturising Cream is your go-to moisturiser for mighty all-day hydration. Selected functional ingredients strengthen the skin and offer immediate relief for particularly dry and stressed skin.

Most sun creams make you look chalky and pallid. But have no fear because our Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF30 is ultra-mattifying so you can enjoy your time outside without worries. Daily sun cream is the most effective anti-aging tool we have. Our sun care offers professional protection against harmful UV rays through optimal UVA and UVB filters and strengthens the skin’s resistance and self-protection through plant-based functional ingredients.

The best exfoliator to shed dead skin cells for a deep glow is our Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel. Effective and gentle enzyme peeling with papaya and pineapple extract for deep cleansing leaving your skin feeling purified and smooth.

Good skincare is one of the most powerful tools that we have against most of the common issues’ men face: acne, wrinkles, and sun damage. Effective skincare takes more than just washing your face with a bar of soap. It takes commitment, investment, and consistency. Building a face-saving and age-defying skincare routine does not have to be a daunting process. It only takes a few simple steps, and you will be surprised by how much of a difference you will see after just a few weeks of following them!

Anti-Aging Skincare Routine for Youthful Skin

We all want to glow with natural beauty but sometimes it feels like gravity and time are against us. To help you glow, we have gathered our best natural anti-aging skincare products – all without parabens, alcohol, synthetic chemicals, and other nasties, so you can safely take care of your skin at every age.

Living to a ripe age is a privilege but we do not blame you if you want to age gracefully and look as great as possible. There are many factors that influence skin aging. The natural aging process plays a key role. With time our skin loses some of its youthfulness and fine lines and wrinkles appear, skin becomes drier and thinner.

Our environment and lifestyle choices can cause our skin to age prematurely. By taking some preventative actions, we can influence how this type of aging affects our skin and can slow the process down.

The sun plays a major role in prematurely aging the skin. Whether spending a day on the beach or running errands, sun protection is essential. If you have spent ample amount of time in the sun without using sun protection, you are likely to see the effects when you are more mature. Age spots and larger areas of the darker skin can appear on your face, arms, hands, neck, and chest. Applying a sunscreen every day can help fade age spots, prevent new spots from forming and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Cleanse your skin gently. Scrubbing vigorously and using harsh products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate can irritate the skin. Irritating your skin accelerates aging so you will want to use a gentle cleanser to preserve your skin barrier and keep it resistant to dehydration and damage. It also means your skincare products will be able to enter the skin and work more effectively.

Moisturizing your skin everyday traps moisture into the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. As we age the skin loses its ability to retain water and produces less oil, so the skin can become quite dull. Using a moisturizer that contains water-binding humectants like hyaluronic acid will help to instantly quench thirsty skin.

As we age, the skin loses collagen and as collagen diminishes, our skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. Jowls appear, permanent lines from the nose to lip line, expression lines become more visible and increase in depth, large pores due to the lack of firmness and vertical lines due to loss of elasticity appear. To reduce visible wrinkles, prevent wrinkles and increase skin firmness and density use products that contain collagen-stimulating ingredients.

Around 50, the skin’s pH level changes and with this change, the skin becomes more sensitive and more prone to inflammation and irritation. If you notice any of these changes you should use fragrance-free products that are safe, anti-irritant and non-allergic to the skin.

It is never too late to benefit from antiaging skincare. By protecting your skin from environmental factors and using high performing products can smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin, improve complexion, and give you young-looker skin. Now that you know what to expect, you also know there is a lot you can do to diminish these changes.

How to select antiaging skincare products:

  1. Start with a sunscreen and moisturiser: Team Dr Joseph’s Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream is a highly effective, luxury facial care for demanding skin. Super antioxidants make the skin feel firm and smooth and can support cell renewal. The natural hyaluronic acid has an intensive moisturizing effect. A composition of unique functional ingredient complexes for daily use and timeless beauty. Our sun care offers professional protection against harmful UV rays through optimal UVA and UVB filters and strengthens the skin’s resistance and self-protection through plant-based functional ingredients. So, you can enjoy your time outside without worries.
  2. Treat your number one anti-aging concern with a serum: Team Dr Joseph’s Hyaluronic Age Repair Booster Serum is a rich luxury cream serum with deep-acting functional ingredient complexes and plant-based functional ingredients for the intensive care of demanding facial skin. The unique combination of firming, skin-smoothing and muscle-relaxing active ingredients makes this serum a natural botanical Botox-like alternative and ensures a firm and even complexion. For long-lasting beauty and a vital appearance.
  3. Use a fruit acid exfoliator: As you age, your skin slows down replenishing itself. Exfoliants are a great way of getting rid of dead skin cells, improve skin tone and appearance. Team Dr Joseph’s Fruit Acid Peel is a gentle peeling with natural, bioactive fruit acids for demanding skin. Delicate fruit acids from apple, citrus and grape gently remove dead skin cells and can stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. For a smooth and soft skin feeling.
  4. Targeted treatment for the eyes and lips: The skin around our eyes and lips is particularly thin and, therefore, more prone to wrinkles. That is why they need specialized moisturizing care products with highly effective, natural functional ingredients. Team Dr Joseph’s Daily Vitalizing Eye Treatment is a nourishing eye care product with highly effective natural ingredients such as Adonsonia Lifting Complex which has a ‘face lift’ effect and is powerfully moisturizing. Intense Hyaluronic Lip Treatment is a concentrated lip care product with deep-acting, natural functional ingredients. Enriched with natural hyaluronic acid, this specialized care provides intense moisture and can cushion fine lines and wrinkles in the lip area. Smooth and well-groomed lips at all times.
  5. Give the products time to work and have realistic expectations: Be patient and give the products time to work. We advise giving new products six weeks to three months to see the long-term effects and to continue using the products to see results.

The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better! This means incorporating well-aging products into your skincare routine, drinking enough water, eating wholesome foods, and staying out of the sun, whether you are in your thirties or seventies. Team Dr Joseph products work, and you are able to see measurable improvements in skin firmness and hydration and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. The above-mentioned products are star performers with powerful high-tech ingredients to target multiple signs of aging.

Choosing the right Team Dr Joseph Serum for your skin

Each Team Dr Joseph serum has been specially designed to target specific skin concerns to deliver the best and fastest results. Here is a guide on what our serums do and which would be the best for you.

Team Dr Joseph Extra Sensitive Calming Serum:
Reduce redness and irritation fast with this gentle and soothing serum. This serum is for you if you have been struggling with sensitive skin issues for a long time or have a permanent red and irritated skin. It is also suitable for those who get flare ups of eczema or if products with synthetic chemicals aggravate your skin. It will help to enhance the repair processes of the skin by feeding the skin with healing and calming plant actives. It strengthens the skin’s immune system and allows for a smooth comfortable feeling.

Team Dr Joseph Ultra Hydration Serum :
Dehydration affects all skins so we can all do with more moisture in the skin. Alleviate tightness and dullness with a daily application of this serum that contains potent concentrations of natural hyaluronic acid. It will give a plump and radiant appearance to the skin as well as a soft and smooth feeling. In addition to the plumping action, the skin is protected against further moisture loss. This is a serum suitable for all skin types.

Team Dr Joseph Deep Purifying Serum:
This serum is for you if you have post acne scarring or struggling to get breakouts under control. Pimples are often swollen and painful with a throbbing sensation. The therapeutic plant extracts with natural antibiotic effects will reduce these inflammations and at the same time, treat and prevent the marks they tend to leave on the skin. Rough skin texture, large pores and blackheads are improved with this gentle yet powerful serum. Suitable for oily and problematic skins.

Team Dr Joseph Intense Energizing Serum:
Do you struggle with tired and dull appearance? Do you work indoors or live a sedentary lifestyle? It is time to increase the oxygenation to your skin and revive the skin to a fresh and radiant natural glow. This serum is a powerful concoction of stimulating botanical actives that activate cell metabolism, improve circulation and boosts anti-aging results. It is suitable for all skin types looking for that lasting glow.

Team Dr Joseph Supreme Repair Well Aging Serum:
Guard against the development of wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity with this serum. From the age of 35 our collagen synthesis naturally diminishes, so it is important to strengthen the skin’s resistance to natural aging and also, stimulate the skin’s collagen production. This serum is a multi-active formula to target multiple signs of aging all at once. It can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and ensures a youthful radiance so that you age beautifully and gracefully.

Team Dr Joseph Hyaluronic Age Repair Booster Serum:
Every now and then the skin needs an intensive boost. This serum is ideal for those wanting to get quick and intensive results. Use it as a booster for 3 months for a lifting and tightening effect. In also contains botanical botox-like actives for deep wrinkles such as expression lines on forehead, between the brows and nose-to-lip-lines. Wake up every day with firm, plump and glowing skin.

Want more? Add 1 -3 drops of the beautifully balanced Age Repair Miracle Drops to your skin care routine for added moisturization, a glow and to intensity the overall anti-aging effects of your skin-specific serum.

Which moisturiser is for you?

Which moisturizer is for you?

Within the QMS Moisturiser Collection we have something for everyone. From our Advanced Cellular Marine to our core collection of the intensely nourishing Antioxidant Cream, the protecting and regenerating ACE Vitamin Cream or the lightweight Liquid Proteins and then there is the bestselling and much loved Active Glow SPF 15 Tinted Day Cream that is a hit all around the world.

We have put together a handy guide to help you find the perfect moisturiser – one that you and your skin will love!

Ask yourself these four questions to determine the best moisturiser for your skincare needs and lifestyle.

  1. What is your skin type? All skins benefit from a moisturiser, even oily and acne-prone skin. Oily skin will simply need a more lightweight formula while dry, dehydrated skin benefits more from a richer textured cream. For a very lightweight cream, suitable for oily and combination skin we recommend our Liquid Proteins or EpiGen Pollution Defense Gel-Cream. If you are after a richer option for dry and stressed skin, we recommend our Antioxidant Cream or Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream.
  2. What texture do you prefer? Things to keep in mind are a product’s weight (light or heavy), and the rate at which it absorbs. If you prefer a moisturiser that is non-greasy and quick absorbing, then our Liquid Proteins, EpiGen Pollution Defense Gel-Cream and Advanced Cellular Marine will be ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer a more nourishing luxurious cream then our Antioxidant Cream, Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream and Advanced Pearl Protein will provide an intensive and long-lasting effect!
  3. What are your expectations? If you are looking for the most results-orientated and scientifically advanced moisturiser then our Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream, Advanced Cellular Marine and Advanced Pearl Protein will exceed your expectations. They have been designed to target multiple signs of aging, prolong youthful radiance, and protect against environmental stress.
  4. How long have you been using your current moisturiser? You may be loyal to one type of moisturiser, but if you have been using it for ten years or more, your loyalty may be misplaced. Skin conditions change according to our age, climate and weather changes, and lifestyle changes. Be aware of your skincare needs throughout the year and change your moisturiser at least once or twice a year to achieve ongoing results.
  5. What is the season? Keep in mind that you may need a lighter lotion in the summer, and a richer cream in the winter. During summer, our skin tends to be oilier, dehydrated and more prone to sun damage. We recommend our Active Glow SPF15 for protection, moisture and light coverage or Advanced Cellular Marine to leave the skin radiant and rejuvenated. During winter, our skin tends to be more prone to dryness, tightness, and sensitivity. We recommend our Antioxidant Cream or Advanced Pearl Protein to strengthen the skin’s barrier and relieve the skin of stress.

Once you find the right product, moisturize every day and you will go a long way toward protecting your skin and slowing down aging. Whichever moisturiser you choose, it will work better if you apply it over our advanced collagen serums. Think about a sponge that is dried out. If you put moisturiser on it, it will not penetrate into the skin. But if you soak the sponge in water and coat it with moisturiser, the sponge will absorb it. Our collagen serums work the same way, happily lapping it up and providing the perfect delivery vehicle for key active ingredients.

QMS Night Time Routine

QMS Night Time Routine

The skin is a dynamic organ with many different functions. The focus for night time is to actively enhance the skin’s ability to detoxify, repair and renew. Just the same as when sleep makes us feel better when we are sick, so does the skin look renewed and refreshed after a good night’s rest. It is the best way to support the skin’s immune system and the most natural way to promote skin health. As we move through life and as we age, the skin’s natural ability to detoxify, repair and renew diminishes. It becomes important that we support these natural processes by supplying the skin with the necessary ingredients it requires to do its job thoroughly.

Cleansing and Toning:
There is no way around a thorough cleansing routine to remove make up, dirt and pollutants from the skin. The skin’s pH is affected by many different things during the day and so we must ensure we go to bed with a clean skin so that toxins from the lymph can be excreted from the skin without unnecessary barriers that may cause damage to the skin’s immune system.

Exfoliation with an AHA based product:
Among many other functions, these powerful fruit acids assist with renewal and detoxification. A facial scrub simply won’t do much in that regard. It is most effective to use these AHA products at night time as this supports the skin’s natural regeneration processes. It also will allow for the active ingredients in serums and masks to penetrate better and therefore enhances the efficacy of the products and deliver better results. Apply the Active Exfoliants 3x per week for 10-15 minutes. You will immediately notice the difference in your skin.

Serums are power houses of results. They are the most concentrated and are specific to a particular skin concern. The QMS Night Collagen Serums are great for all skin types. They are multi-functional and will improve the appearance of wrinkles and dryness and you will wake up with a that beautiful glow you dream of. They can be applied over the eye area as well which makes them very convenient. A wide variety of skin-specific serums are available and, a professional is waiting to assist you with the right choice for your skin.

Instead of using a moisturizer at night, try to use a mask 2-3 times per week. The QMS masks are all over-night masks, so they feel like moisturizers but are different in their action on the skin. Masks are great to have an instant boost and work amazing when applied over a serum. The Epigen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask contains all that you need and more. From a botox-like effect, an intensive moisture boost and it even detoxes the skin from stress hormone Cortisol! It is like a facial while you sleep!

Special Areas:
Don’t forget special areas such as eye area, skin around your mouth and the very important neck and bust areas. If you are over 40 years old, these are extras that are important to look at adding to your routine.

Step into a Team Dr Joseph Facial

Step into a Team Dr Joseph Facial

Most people, when visiting a salon or a spa, want to experience relaxation and, at the same time want superior skin care results. What is the point of a facial without results right? Our over-active minds and time-pressured lifestyles create tension within our bodies which eventually also becomes visible on the face and skin. There is one facial brand that trumps all other facial treatments when it comes to hitting the nail on the head with its unique relaxation techniques and phenomenal results – Team Dr Joseph.

These holistic, plant-based facial treatments will leave you floating out of the spa, feeling light and a with sense of peace and calm from within. It is a sensory experience and a journey like no other. This is a treatment that gathers its quality from past experiences, new innovation and traditional methods.

Products and ingredients are intelligently formulated with sustainable and respectful approach of humans and nature. Treatments are tailor-made and offers an individual approach to each guest. They are health-relevant and aims to create a positive influence on all skin types and ages.

You will be welcomed by an inspiring and balancing fragrance that immediately affects the emotional centre in the brain, activating relaxation through the olfactory pathways. This is combined with some deep breathing to set the tone for the rest of the treatment. A gentle reminder that this is your ‘me-time’ and there really is no need to think about anything at all – just let go and relax.

The entire treatment is done slowly, with attention to detail in every step. An intentional slowness to counteract the busy-ness of our minds and lives. This creates balance and equilibrium to the nervous system. Gentle manual lymphatic stimulation is a winner for reducing psychological stress and slows down brain activity. Not only does it relax you but removes toxins and metabolic by-products from the cells to enhance skin metabolism, cell renewal and overall regeneration of the skin.

Even the peeling is done in slow rhythmical strokes with soft fan brushes – a welcome alternative to the normal peeling experience. It is gentle and safe. It leaves a super delicious, soft feeling and radiant glow behind on your skin.

Throughout the treatment soothing hot steam compresses – soaked in a special combination of salts and oils – relax the tensed-up nerve endings, soothing away tension in the facial tissues and gently increases the microcirculation to the facial tissues. Enjoy a long, nurturing and comforting massage with cruelty-free organic products and healing hands over your face, neck and decolletage. Results are achieved with the inclusion of highly concentrated, plant-based serums and intensive, skin-specific masks. Furthermore, the facial makes use of glass cupping, natural sea sponges and more.

After 2020, we all deserve some de-stressing, a little bit of luxury and a heap of extra self-love. Whether you have acne-prone or aging skin, there is an option for you. Even men have a specialized facial tailor-made for their preferences and needs too. View our directory and find a spa near you.

Summer Skin with Team Dr Joseph

The sun provides us with so many health benefits and brings a light energy to life. Summer time brings us loads of energy with fun in the sun. We socialize more, we spend time outside around a fire, we swim and go on hikes or to the beach – just to name a few.

We would love to share a few secrets to enjoy life in our sunny climate but to also to select appropriate skin care to support your summer lifestyle. We must protect our skins from harmful UV rays, prevent moisture loss and replace lost moisture. Bare in mind, the sun is the number one accelerator of skin aging, so be wise and choose quality professional skincare products because your skin deserves the best.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more! Along with plenty of water, keep your skin plump and moisturized with Ultra Hydration Serum, suitable for all skin types and loved by both males and females alike. With high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, this serum will replace lost moisture instantly. It smells amazing and is super lightweight for quick penetration. Instant glow in a bottle!

Never leave the house without your sunscreen. Today, sunscreens do more than just protect the skin against UV rays. Your Daily Sun Protection Cream SPF30 protects the skin from the negative effects of the full light spectrum – even the light from computer screens and tables or smartphones. In addition to that, it also has therapeutic benefits to prevent pigmentation and aging. With its natural formulation, it is suitable for children and sensitive skins too. Don’t forget about your hands. Especially with the excessive harsh effects of alcohol in the hand sanitizers we all use daily. Alcohol is drying and can aggravate the development of sun spots on the hands. A regular application of the Daily Cellular Protection Hand Cream SPF10 will keep the hands smooth and youthful.

Every now and then we are caught off guard and we get sunburnt. When your skin feels sensitive, red, tight or irritated, apply the Intense Skin Calming Mask to the skin. These intensive soothing and hydration complexes will alleviate the sensitivity and help to restore the skin to its natural radiance while giving it the extra comfort it needs.

With regular sun exposure, the skin can become really dull and devitalized. Switch your moisturizer to Daily Energising Cream. This is a beautifully balanced moisturizer for all skin types and imparts a glow to make the skin fresh and healthy looking. The potent active ingredients in this formulation, increases the skin’s oxygenation and also contains massive amounts of antioxidants for protection – perfect for the days spent outside or around the fire.

02 Moisturising / Dry Skin

TDJ Ultra Hydration Serum


01 Calming / Sensitive Skin

TDJ Intense Skin Calming Mask


04 Energizing / Blemished Skin

TDJ Daily Energising Cream


Whatever your skin needs, the natural formulations of Team Dr Joseph High-Tech Cosmetics have the answer for you. We are here to give you expert advice on any skin query you may have. Contact us on info@futurethis.co.za or order your products online.

Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can be affected by a variety of emotional and environmental factors. From change of season, climate, detergents, dust and even stress. The most important thing is to protect and strengthen the skin against irritation. Managing sensitive skin is an ongoing process. There is no miracle or overnight treatment, but with the right products and lifestyle you can effectively manage sensitivity.

Truly sensitive skin is a skin type. It is genetic, meaning you are born with this skin type and it cannot change. Truly sensitive skin types may have allergies to food, dust, pollen, and animals. They may also have a genetic predisposition to inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Truly sensitive skin is more common in lighter skin tones and affect more than 50% of people.

A good question to ask yourself is how long have you considered your skin to be sensitive? If you have a truly sensitive skin, you would have had a sensitive skin for most of your life. A truly sensitive skin is due to nerve endings becoming more prone to irritation. Sensitive skin is always red, warm to the touch, prone to little red splotches that do not seem to go away – especially around the nose, cheeks, and chin. Sensitive skin is a manageable but not curable.

Factors that aggravate sensitive skin:

Sun exposure Lack of sleep Dehydration
Exposure to air pollution Hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle or pregnancy Wrong cosmetic products with harsh ingredients
Frequent changes in temperature Stress and late nights Over exfoliation and excessive cleansing
Cold, harsh weather Chlorine in swimming pools Smoking, alcohol, caffeine
Very hot water Dry skin Stress (emotional, physical, environmental)

How to strengthen your skin’ immune system:

Sensitive skin has three key characteristics that should be considered during the daily skincare routine: a weakened skin barrier, an excessive sensation of irritation and a tendency to redness. The primary objective of care should be the soothing of the skin, increasing its resistance and maintaining and strengthening its natural protective function in the long term.

Following the holistic approach to caring for the skin we recommend an intensive serum, protective daily moisturiser, and a repairing mask.

Extra Sensitive Calming Serum: Powerful, highly concentrated facial serum as an intensive treatment for sensitive skin. Your skin is left feeling calm, balanced, and protected.

Daily Skin Calming Cream: Soothing face cream for sensitive skin. The exclusive composition of selected plant extracts has a calming, protective and moisturizing effect. The powerful Couperin complex helps to strengthen the capillaries of irritated skin. For daily use for a firm and healthy skin.

Intense Skin Calming Mask: Relaxing intensive face mask to calm sensitive skin that tends to redden. The composition of selected plant extracts has a calming and protective effect and ensures a firm and refreshed complexion.

01 Calming / Sensitive Skin

TDJ Extra Sensitive Calming Serum


01 Calming / Sensitive Skin

TDJ Daily Skin Calming Cream


01 Calming / Sensitive Skin

TDJ Intense Skin Calming Mask