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It's time for a new technology of skin care.

The Products

Team Dr Joseph natural hightech skincare cosmetic products for all skin types which respect your natural balance.

The first step towards resilient and vital skin is learning its demands. Do you take good care of your skin? Do you know your skin type? Please remember that nature does not have any absolute definitions or strict categorizations. We can all come up with the more or less dominant characteristics and therefore figure out our different skin types: dry and low in moisture, oily with large pores, sensitive and irritable, etc. Never underestimate how problems with partners, family, and work can show up as skin irritation likewise the consumption of stimulating beverages like alcohol or coffee. Above all, as soon as you know how to take proper care of your skin, you can go on to the next step: using Team Dr Joseph products that respect your natural balance.

The Secret


NO LABORATORY IS GREATER THAN OUR GARDEN. Nothing is more important to us than carefully capturing nature‘s diversity and creativity. That is the only way to make our products so high-quality.

If you deal with plants every day, you will be quickly humbled by their structure, soul and active substances. The most expensive laboratory in the world cannot keep up with the intelligence of a plant. That is why nothing is more important than capturing the creativity and diversity of nature as carefully as possible. There is a touch of awe in the air when we work in the garden. When selecting ingredients, we place the highest value on purity, quality and sustainable biological cultivation. We check every manufacturer and prefer ingredients grown in the wild. The certifications of our products are of the highest quality. We are not only responsible to our discerning customers, but to our greatest model: nature.

The manual treatment methods of Team Dr Joseph starts deep in the tissue which is based both on the needs of your skin and scientific findings.



The Secrets of our development work are Curiosity and Fascination

The Story of Team Dr Joseph

The history of Team Dr Joseph began almost 40 years ago. After a sporting accident, the young Joseph set off in search of effective natural remedies. He followed his nose to success. Did his nose follow a scent or its own curiosity? The big bang is to physicists what the original cell is to us. We believe it holds the secret of life. It has always inspired humans to create poems, songs and… formulas.

What is it that fascinates us so much about its mystery? What inspires researchers?

We defined three rules:
1. Every step into new territory is a step forward.
2. Failure can be a recipe for success.
3. No relationship is more perfect than the natural balance.

Our work’s unique quality comes from a binding by these three rules. It is this standard that our customers know to value highly.

The Team

A Four-Letter Formula for Success

We are convinced that in the 21st century, high performance can only come from professional teams. Together with researchers, developers, and employees, we keep up with the individual needs, wants, and skin types of our clients and the finest inventive ingredients to bring together our pioneering spirit, cosmetics, and aesthetics with unique quality. This combination of vital systems requires not only respect, responsibility and honesty, but also the promise to always do our best. We are happy to give it.

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