A Coffee A day Keeps Keeps Diseases Away!

It’s no secret that half of the world can’t function until they have had their first cup of coffee in the morning. To make sure you have no guilt when it comes to pouring your firth cup of the day, we have gathered some information for you:

Researchers have long debated the health advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee every day. But now, coffee addicts everywhere can relax about their daily habit, thanks to a British Heart Foundation study.

The study, which featured more than 8,000 people, sought to debunk the previously held belief that coffee causes a stiffening of the arteries, putting pressure on the heart and increasing the likelihood of stroke or heart attack.

Researchers divided the 8,412 participants into three groups, with each self-reporting their coffee consumption, then gave each participant an MRI heart scan and an infrared pulse wave test. The first group was made up of people who said they drank less than one cup of coffee a day; the second included those who drank between one and three cups; and the third group was comprised of those who drank more than three, with some in the group drinking up to 25 cups a day. People who consumed more than 25 cups of coffee a day were excluded, and researchers adjusted for factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, smoking status, weight, blood pressure, diet and how much alcohol a person drinks.

Results from the study showed that drinking five cups of coffee a day was no worse for the arteries than drinking less than one cup. In fact, even participants who drank up to 25 cups of coffee a day were no more likely to experience arterial stiffness than someone drinking less than a cup a day.

While coffee lovers can rest assured that they aren’t causing any significant damage to their arteries, it’s still important to note that drinking a cup of coffee for every hour in the day isn’t the safest option for everyone. We all respond to and metabolize caffeine differently, so the risks may not be equal across the board. Those with blood pressure issues should beware of excess caffeine consumption, which can spike their blood pressure to unhealthy levels. (Source: www.womenworking.com)

Here are some other notable benefits of coffee which you need to know:

  1. Coffee and managing Diabetes:

    Coffee is known to manage our blood sugar levels, according to some studies. Coffee is also rich in minerals like magnesium and chromium which helps the body use insulin which controls the glucose in our body.

    Green coffee consumption may slow down the rate of glucose release in the blood. Drink green coffee before meals, which will help in controlling the amount of glucose your body will produce.

    There is no harm for diabetics to have their daily cup of coffee. Two cups a day works just about well, in fact, it helps to manage sugar levels too.

  2. Coffee For Weight Loss:

    Adding milk and sugar to your coffee may encourage weight gain; unlike plain black coffee, which has fewer calories. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, including caffeine in your diet is more likely to lead to weight loss than weight gain. This is mainly because caffeine may slightly increases our metabolism, which further helps to burn off more calories.

    And, it’s not just the black coffee that aids weight loss, consuming green coffee helps in raising the fat burning capability of our body too. It increases the releases of fat burning enzymes in the body. It also helps decrease the absorption of sugars in our small intestines, which means that less sugar is available to be stored as fat and more calories are burnt, ultimately helping to lose those extra kilos.

    If you are someone who encounters sudden hunger pangs and ends up bingeing on unwanted calories, sip some green coffee or black coffee without sugar. Again, the chlorogenic acid present in coffee acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It helps control those hunger pangs and prevent us from overeating.

  3. Coffee For Healthy Heart Functions:

    There have been many studies suggesting that controlled consumption of coffee may help with some of the prevalent heart conditions. These studies analysed that people who drink coffee regularly had a lower risk of heart rhythm disturbances and strokes. One of the studies reported that people consuming three cups of coffee are less likely to be hospitalised for abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) than non-drinkers. Regular consumption of green coffee has also been tied to keeping a check on cholesterol levels. (Source: www.ndtv.com)

Our SKINNY Green Coffee is the perfect substitution to you normal coffee and of course has all the added benefits: weight control, appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and energy booster.

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While you have the time and are probably drinking loads of tea and coffee, why not zoosh up your cups of SKINNY Green Tea and Coffee.

Here are some quick and easy ideas:

THE OLD CLASSIC LEMON AND HONEY – make your cup of SKINNY Green Tea or a jug if you wish, let it cool down or keep it warm. Add slices of lemon and a bit of honey to taste. To whoosh it up a bit you can add mint to your tea or freeze it in ice cubes beforehand and add to your refreshing drink

TOOTY FRUITY TEA – make your cup of SKINNY Green Tea and cool it down a bit. Add your favourite berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries) you can also add a slice of lemon or orange to give that extra zing.

THE GINGER NINJA – Ginger tea is known to help with a sore throat. Get some fresh ginger, cut the outside/skin off, finely grate some ginger to taste. Add ginger to your warm SKINNY Green Tea and let it brew, grab a sieve and pour your tea through to get out all the bits of ginger. Add honey to taste.

CLASSIC ICED COFFEE – make your SKINNY Green Coffee the night before and freeze it in ice-cube trays, in the morning add the cubes to your almond or skimmed milk and have a great, healthy iced coffee.

GREEN MINT COFFEE – make your cup of SKINNY Green Coffee, let it cool. Add ice cubes and some fresh mint leaves (if you rub the leaves between your fingers, it helps to release the minty taste, 1 or 2 should be fine) top it off with some almond milk or milk of your choice.

Stock up this Winter with SKINNY Green Coffee!

Natural weight loss product that not only helps your body burn unwanted fat but also boosts energy!

SKINNY Green Coffee or Coffea Canephora is made from raw unroasted coffee beans that are rich in both Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid. These compounds help boost the metabolism and inhibit Gluconeogenesis or fat absorption.

Our formulation Includes Evodiamine that has a thermogenic property that induces heat production and energy generation. This causes the metabolism to speed up and work harder resulting in more calories being burned.

Raspberry Ketone is an aromatic compound that reduces visceral fatty tissue and liver triglycerides.

Yerba Mate demonstrates Anti-oxidant activity, it reduces triglycerides and modulates glucose metabolism. Anti-oxidants are a necessity to fight free radicals that cause premature ageing due to stress, pollution and smoke in modern living.

Lastly, our gift to you from SKINNY is increased energy.

Enjoy the last days of Summer!

Autumn is fast approaching, which means the climate is going to get cooler, making it much harder to motivate yourself to be active. Soon, we will be digging the blankets out of storage, stocking up the firewood and wishing for some sunshine. This is a great reason why we all need to take advantage of the last remaining warm days to their fullest. So to ensure you start the new season in the best way possible, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep active and stay on top of your fitness and weight goals.

1. Go outside, take the scenic route – and take SKINNY with you!

Working out in the open air is so much better than those treadmills at the gym. Go power walking, cycling, or even get social at a park run – anything where you can get some exercise whilst taking in those sun-rays and feel a breeze through your hair! Reward yourself with guilt-free SKINNY GREEN COFFEE!

2. Stock up on fresh seasonal treats!

Typical summer fruits including mangoes, avos and watermelon are going to get harder to get. This is the perfect time to indulge in light fresh salads and fruit platters while you still can! Fruits make for wonderful snacks, not to mention their importance to any healthy diet in all their nutritious glory. You could also chop up some interesting flavour combinations of fruits, freeze them and add them to your water or even try blitzing a banana and some blueberries into your next SKINNY smoothie* to create a refreshing and delicious way to stay hydrated.

3. Adopt a well-balanced diet & add SKINNY GREEN COFFEE!

By eating the right amount of nutrients the body needs to function properly, not only will you shed a few extra kilo’s before the cool months are amongst us, but you will also get loads of extra energy to ensure you power through the day, no matter how cold it gets. So after your morning jog or exercise remember to keep it going in a positive fashion with healthy meals and remember your guilt-free energising cup of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE.

4. Experiment. Think outside the box!

Break the routine. Try some new tricks to maintain your weight-loss goals. Set up a footstep goal you want to hit everyday to encourage yourself to get up and move, then use an app or pedometer to track yourself. Try out new low-cal and low-carb recipes to satisfy your cravings without harming your weight-loss efforts. Instead of drinking your SKINNY GREEN COFFEE hot (or cold), try blitz it in a yummy smoothie* (see recipe below).

Though Autumn is undeniably colourful and beautiful, it does require a bit more of an effort to keep yourself healthy and happy. Remember to stay active, eat healthy and sleep well! Always keep a sachet of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE close by (in the car, purse, laptop bag, wallet, gym bag or jean pockets!) as it is made from raw unroasted coffee beans that help boost the metabolism and inhibit fat absorption. It is the perfect weight-loss companion, super easy to prepare (hot or cold) and super convenient to take with you everywhere you go!

Don’t allow the temptations that come with cool weather derail your weight-loss efforts. Treat yourself to a cup of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE, and enjoy guilt-free. Place your order on our website NOW!


Skinny Green Coffee Review by Blogger Leigh

I’ve been drinking GC Skinny Green Coffee and I really like it PLUS I give unto thee my favourite smoothie recipe.

I love coffee and feel like my eyes are never really open until I’ve got a mug in my hand so I was only to happy to give GC Skinny green coffee a bash.

Made from raw unroasted coffee beans, Skinny coffee is rich in both caffeine and chlorogenic acid and the latter has been proven to help slow your body’s fat absorption rate while boosting your metabolism. (The mix also includes raspberry ketones and evodiamine, two things researchers have looked at in regards to how helpful they can be in regards to weight loss but so far I think the jury’s out.)

I’ve been drinking Skinny Coffee for a while now thanks to the PR who gave me a whole bunch of it as a Christmas gift (thanks Renate!) and it’s pretty good. It tastes rather mild, a bit like chicory, but packs a caffeine punch so I’ve enjoyed knocking it back before a run. I’m quite sensitive to caffeine, so initially I’d feel the extra voomah* – as though I’d knocked back a Red Bull – but now I think I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve also started adding it to my favourite smoothie when I don’t have time to drink it hot.

As far as any weight loss benefits go, I can’t really judge this as my weight’s fluctuated a bit over the last little while thanks to living it up over Christmas, working it off and then slapping a bit back on again after my sister came down from France and we hit up a zillion restaurants. Still, if it’s got things in it that could be beneficial I’m happy to include them in my life. There’s no single magic bullet to whip off the kilos so you can’t merrily down a ‘skinny’ drink and then not pay attention to what else, and how much of it, you put into your mouth as the day goes on.

Still, like I said, this tastes good and its an easy ‘swap’. If it contributes even just 1% towards burning off the ten thousand kilograms of cheese I eat when my sister’s in town then I’m a happy camper.

Anyway, ‘cos I’m a sharer, I thought I’d fill you in on my favourite smoothie, the one flat mate and I whip up almost every single day.


  • 1 banana (a potassium bomb – brilliant for runners)
  • handful frozen blueberries (low in kJ, high in fibre and rated one of nature’s most potent antioxidants)
  • a 3/4 cup of almond milk (you could use milk but we like to keep dairy to a minimum)
  • 1 Tbs chia seeds (omega acids for the win)
  • 2 Tbs Lifematrix Tropical fibre powder (This is made using coconut and pineapple fibre. It’s gluten-free and the only one I can find that doesn’t bloat me up like a whale but keeps you feeling full and really helps things, ahem, move along nicely…)
  • 2 scoops chocolate protein powder (we like super low carb formulations)
  • 1 or 2 sachets Skinny coffee (I throw in one if it’s just me and double up if it’s the two of us. Also, regular coffee works just fine too.)


Toss everything into your blender, whizz it up, serve and enjoy! The recipe makes two glasses and we’ve worked it out as being plus minus 850 kJ per glass. It takes two minutes to make as we’ve always got the ingredients on hand. The only rubbish thing is having to wash the blerrie blender.

Love, love


*Please bear in mind that everyone’s tolerance to caffeine is different. To give you some perspective, my flat mate doesn’t feel it’s ‘strong’ enough so she drinks Skinny coffee with a teaspoon of regular coffee to get the ‘best of both worlds’. I’ve tried that and then felt like my heart was going to explode. So ja, each to their own.

Source: Lipgloss is my Life

An amazing weight loss breakthrough

A new weight loss breakthrough lets you burn through unwanted fat, while simultaneously boosting your energy levels

Skinny Green Coffee, or coffea canephora, is made from raw, unroasted coffee beans rich in caffeine and chlorogenic acid and compounds that have shown to help boost the body’s metabolism and inhibit gluconeogenesis – the technical term for fat absorption.

The formulation includes the innovative ingredient evodiamine, which has thermogenic properties that induce heat production and aid in the generation of energy. This causes the cell’s metabolism to speed up and work harder, resulting in more calories being burned.

It also contains raspberry ketone, an aromatic compound that reduces visceral fatty tissue and liver triglycerides. Skinny Green Coffee is rich in the anti-oxidants necessary to fight free radicals which may cause premature ageing. We’re exposed to free radicals through daily stress, pollution and the smoke associated with modern living.

The Skinny Rules:

Add a sachet of Skinny Green Coffee to 150ml boiling water and enjoy the first thing in the morning, with breakfast or on the go. Sit down for another cup in the morning to give you a natural pick-me-up. You could even have a third cup after lunch to help with that mid-day slump, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine, try to avoid any caffeinated products after 3pm.

How to drink Skinny Green Coffee:

Skinny Green Coffee is pure and contains no added fats or sugars. Ideally, it should be appreciated in its original, pure form – simply add hot water. However, you can also add a dash of low-fat or fat-free milk and a natural sweetener if needed.

Publication: DESTINY connect.com

Love your body this summer with Skinny Green Coffee

It’s summer-time and the living is easy!

This is the perfect time to improve your health in a fashion so in tune with the season you’ll barely notice the effort. We’ve also got some tips to help you avoid temptation this summer.

With the warm summer days in full swing, it is advised that apart from drinking lots of water, a light and healthy diet would ensure a cool mind and body. Exercise is also important, despite the heat. Instead of using the heat as an excuse to skip a workout, get creative with activities to keep up your fitness goals (rollerblading, swimming, mountain-biking etc.).

Move with care

Even if you are quite fit, exercising in hot, humid conditions may be too much stress on your body, making you feel ill and ultimately, uninspired to stick to your workout routine. Instead, try workout in the comforts of the A/C at home or gym, walk laps inside the mall (…while you’re frivolously searching for the perfect summer sandal!) or climb the stairs inside your office building. If you absolutely must go for a run, do so in the cooler hours and motivate yourself by looking forward to a cup of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE afterwards.

Hydrate, eat light & snack cool

Ever notice how “comfort foods” have considerably less appeal in the summer? Think of it as your body’s way of telling you to eat less of the heavy stuff. Instead, lean on salads, fresh fruit and make-ahead foods that are light and can be digested easily. SKINNY GREEN COFFEE comes in sachets, making it easy and super convenient to make a cup at a moments notice – so take them everywhere you go too!

To hydrate well, sip on any of the following throughout the day: plain water; water flavoured with lemon/cucumber slices; green juices; or one of our favourites, *SKINNY GREEN COFFEE Iced Coffee.

Love your body, treat yourself to a cup of SKINNY Green Coffee, whether hot or cold!

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While one can typically enjoy a cup of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE as-is, it might be fun to transform it, using a simple recipe, into a delicious Iced Coffee. The recipe is so easy and tasty – a perfect on the go weight control guilt-free treat!



  • 1/2 – 1 cup of ice
  • 1 sachet of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE
  • 1/2 cup low fat Vanilla Almond milk, unsweetened
  • Pinch of Stevia, optional

In a tall glass, mix the SKINNY GREEN COFFEE, stevia and almond milk together until well combined. Add ice and stir. Serve immediately.
Tip: Add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract or cocoa powder for extra flavour if you prefer. Enjoy!


Make 2016 a Skinny 2016


Start afresh!

The start of a new year is always the perfect reason to kick old habits. Make this the year you turn your goals into action! SKINNY GREEN COFFEE is an incredible, NATURAL coffee made from raw unroasted green coffee beans, designed to help you create the body you desire and achieve your weight loss goals.

Keep track of each small success

Start your day right. Enjoy a sachet or two of SKINNY daily, while keeping your body beautiful, healthy and energized!

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