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It has been proven that cosmetics pass through your body and into your bloodstream and breast milk.

In 2017, a study* revealed that French women use 16 beauty products a day! Over almost 50 years of life, this would correspond to 300kg of products absorbed by the skin.

Science is definite. The question is: How long do you keep these molecules in your body? No one knows, but the studies are unanimous: we are all polluted.

Now that you know this… what will you do? Probably like us… your absolute priority will be to switch to the most biodegradable ingredients possible. These will obviously be of natural origin. 100% certified by independent organisations. This is our commitment without concessions.

*Study carried out by the University of Western Brittany on “The probabilistic evaluation of the French population’s exposure to cosmetic products”.


Once upon a time…

Cyrille Telinge

Cyrille Telinge

Cyrille Telinge ran a research laboratory for 10 years before creating the Novexpert brand with his medical friends in 2008. He is inspired by the profound changes in molecular biology, in particular epigenetics which has revealed that the human body acts like a sponge soaking up environmental factors. Cyrille strives for a new approach to skincare.

A symbiosis between very high technology and “ultra clean” formulas. In other words, a plea for a science that is sheltered from the frantic rhythm of short lived trends and entirely dedicated to “real” research which is free, independent, demanding and responsible.

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