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Caring for your Skin in Summer with Dr Schulte


Q&A with Dr. Schulte from QMS Medicosmetics

Does the skin need more moisture during summer?

The summer season and sun in particular can take a toll on the skin. High temperatures, humidity, intense UV radiation, dryness caused by air conditioning are detrimental and can lead to damage in the skin. Changing your moisturizer to one that has a lighter formulation, fast penetrating, is anti-oxidant rich and above all has an SPF will help protect your skin.

Can too much moisturizing be harmful?

Yes – many moisturizing creams have precisely the opposite effect to what they promise, they are often the cause of skin feeling dry and itchy as well as becoming taut and lined. They can in fact dry out the skin. When applied the high water content of the cream moistens the outermost layer of hard skin and produces a pleasant, satiated sensation. However, the water quickly evaporates due to body temperature – the moisture, so to speak, dissolves into thin air, ultimately exacerbating the skin’s dryness. After a few months the skin becomes a regular ‘moisturizing’ addict. It increasingly craves a moisturizing cream and despite getting it becomes ever drier, more sensitive and, as a result, ages faster.

How effective are moisturizing sprays for skin?

Key to the efficacy of any product is to look at its formulation; I always recommend multi-tasking hydrators that help the skin to regenerate rather than just plump it temporarily offer a longer term benefit. Also consider the skin’s behaviour patterns, for example in the day skin protects itself and at night it is good to work with the natural regenerative process.

In which way should moisture be given to the skin? (mask, cream, serum?)

The most important factor is to increase cell turnover as this helps the moisture balance settle down again at a normal healthy level. This can be done in various ways; the most effective is the combination of regular exfoliation with addressing the loss of collagen in the skin. When you talk about the skin’s moisture levels, collagen is the most important protein as it can store approximately 300 times its own molecule weight in moisture and is vital to the skin’s elasticity.

For exfoliation using a fruit acid treatment such as our Exfoliant Fluid and Dermabrasive Gel will help improve the rate of cell regeneration and reinvigorate skin metabolism. On the collagens there are numerous products available which can be serums, masks or creams but for permanent skin rejuvenation the collagen needs to penetrate deeper. Collagen molecules need to be a in a form that can penetrate epidermal layers, this can be achieved by something I call the “TCP” factor – the transcutaneous penetration factor which is the basis of our highly concentrated Day Collagen and Night Collagen serums.

How can you create moisture from within?

Keeping hydrated through drinking water but you can also ‘eat your water’ by indulging in fresh fruits and vegetables such as melons, cucumbers and tomatoes as they provide easily absorbed hydration. Another highly recommended method is in fact one of my favourite formulations Intravital Plus. These are nutricosmetic supplements featuring an innovative active ingredient complex to recondition, regenerate and protect the skin.


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