Skincare Routines for your Unique Skin Type

Skincare Routines for your Unique Skin Type

Our skin is unique and there are various internal and external factors that determines our skincare needs and desires. The appearance of our skin is not just based on genetics; never underestimate how emotional stress, environmental factors, our diet, and lifestyle can affect the condition of our skin.

As soon as you understand this philosophy, you can go onto the next step using products that respect your natural balance. Team Dr Joseph offers a new dimension in treatment and is redefining skincare. There are unlimited possibilities of product combination giving your skin everything it desires.

Characteristics of sensitive skin:

  • Sensitive skin reacts easily to products or the environment with redness and itching
  • Truly sensitive skin is often experienced from a young age
  • Thin skin with translucent capillaries
  • Psychological distress tends to affect the skin

Our Team recommends:


  1. Daily Cleansing Milk
  2. Daily Balancing Toner
  3. Daily Skin Calming Cream – sensitive skin with redness OR Gentle Couperose Cream – inflammatory skin conditions
  4. Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 OR Ultra-Light Sun Block SPF 50+


  1. Gentle Make-up Remover
  2. Daily Cleansing Milk
  3. Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel (1-2 times per month)
  4. Daily Balancing Toner
  5. Extra Sensitive Calming Serum
  6. Intense Skin Calming Mask (1-2 times per week)

Additional: Gentle Rose Toner to use throughout the day as a beautiful, soothing, and hydrating mist.


Characteristics of dry and dehydrated skin:

  • Dry skin experiences itching, flaking and dullness
  • Dry skin does not produce enough oil
  • Dehydrated skin does not produce enough water
  • Cold weather and harsh conditions make the symptoms worse
  • Skin is often brittle, thin and responds easily with redness
  • Prone to wrinkles

Our Team recommends:


  1. Daily Cleansing Milk
  2. Daily Balancing Toner
  3. Daily Moisturizing Cream – dehydrated skin OR Ultra-Intense Moisturizing Cream – dry skin
  4. Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 OR Ultra-Light Sun Block SPF 50+


  1. Gentle Make-up Remover
  2. Daily Cleansing Milk
  3. Fruit Acid Peel (1-2 times per month)
  4. Daily Balancing Toner
  5. Ultra-Hydration Serum
  6. Intensive Moisturizing Mask (1-2 times per week)

Additional: Climate Defence Rich Cream is a nourishing cream for the optimal protection against wind and weather. Selective plant-based functional ingredients and precious ceramides sustainably improve the skin’s resistance to external stress factors. For extra care and protection.


Characteristics of oily and combination skin:

  • Oily skin is caused by overactive oil glands
  • A shiny appearance enlarged pores and acne are primary concerns
  • Tendency for blemishes across the face, neck, and upper back
  • Large-pored skin texture

Our Team recommends:


  1. Purifying Cleansing Gel
  2. Deep Purifying Toner
  3. Daily Purifying Facial Cream
  4. Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 OR Ultra-Light Sun Block SPF 50+


  1. Gentle Make-up Remover
  2. Purifying Cleansing Gel
  3. Gentle Clarifying Enzyme Peel (1-2 times per month)
  4. Deep Purifying Toner
  5. Deep Purifying Serum
  6. Deep Purifying Facial Mask (1-2 times per week)

Additional: Soft Focus Pore Refining Cream has an instant mattifying effect. Functional ingredients provide optical skin smoothing, balance skin irregularities and transform the skin into a velvety, even canvas. Pore refining high tech functional ingredients from willowherb regulate the sebum production and vegetable hyaluronic acid provides an extra portion of moisture. For daily use for a flawless complexion.


Characteristics of devitalized skin:

  1. Dull, sallow with a grey undertone
  2. Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
  3. Smokers are more prone to devitalized skin because it produces free radicals, strips the skin of vitamins and oxygen
  4. Adequate sleep, regular fitness and a balanced diet is vital to revitalize the skin
  5. Skin texture is rough and scaly
  6. Skin can feel itchy, a little dry or stripped of moisture if using the incorrect cleanser and toner

Our Team recommends:


  1. Daily Cleansing Milk
  2. Daily Balancing Toner
  3. Daily Energizing Cream
  4. Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 OR Ultra-Light Sun Block SPF 50+


  1. Gentle Make-up Remover
  2. Daily Cleansing Milk
  3. Fruit Acid Peel (1-2 times per month)
  4. Daily Balancing Toner
  5. Intense Energizing Serum
  6. Intense Revitalizing Mask (1-2 times per week)

Additional: Neroli Flower Toner to use throughout the day as an energizing, revitalizing and hydrating mist.


Characteristics of mature skin:

  • From the age of 35+ for mature skin
  • From the age of 25+ for premature aging, protection, and prevention
  • Dry skin with wrinkles caused by sun exposure, loss of collagen and decreased oil production
  • Signs include loss of elasticity, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone

Our Team recommends:


  1. Daily Cleansing Milk
  2. Daily Balancing Toner
  3. Daily Repair Well Aging Cream – premature aging (from the age of 25+) OR Ultra-Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream – mature skin (from the age 35+)
  4. Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 OR Ultra-Light Sun Block SPF 50+


  1. Gentle Make-up Remover
  2. Daily Cleansing Milk
  3. Fruit Acid Peel (1-2 times per month)
  4. Daily Balancing Toner
  5. Supreme Repair Well Aging Serum – premature aging (from the age of 25+) OR Hyaluronic Age Repair Booster Serum – mature skin (from the age 35+)
  6. Intense Repair Well Aging Mask (1-2 times per week)

Additional: Age Repair Miracle Drops is a highly concentrated face oil to offer an intensive treatment for demanding skin. The combination of antioxidant, moisturizing and firming plant oils provides a smooth, glowing, and velvety soft skin feeling. For daily use and an irresistible glow.

The goal of natural skincare is not just to make your skin look great for a short time, it is to nourish, feed and stimulate your skin cells for long-lasting healthy skin. Team Dr Joseph introduces a new technology of skincare combing nature with the latest scientific findings and high-tech delivery systems. Based both on the needs of your skin and scientific findings our personalized products start deep within the skin.

Natural ingredients have passed the test of time and proven their worth over the decades to result in beautiful, radiant skin. High-tech ensures modern client’s needs are satisfied with instant results, long-term results, and safety for everyone. The products are also formulated to target multiple skincare concerns and delivers ingredients at a cellular level safely and effectively. When you use Team Dr Joseph products you are quickly humbled by the soul and active ingredients used; a synergy of complexes working together in harmony to balance the skin, body, and mind.

Sustainable is the New Clean

Sustainable is the New Clean

For Team Dr Joseph, sustainability has always been one of their top priorities. Today, we are witnessing a shift towards a more sustainable future with joy. Many companies have to rethink and restructure their processes because their consumers are demanding more sustainable options. Team Dr Joseph made this decision 40 years ago and despite facing many critics they stuck to their philosophy and will continue to do so for the next 40 years, indifferent to trends.

Environmental awareness and sustainable thinking are two central aspects that shape the philosophy and culture of Team Dr Joseph from day one. As a certified organic cosmetic, Team Dr Joseph is subject to strict quality control and committed to an environmentally friendly production and manufacturing process. The formulation of natural products and the respect for the ingenuity of nature do not follow a trend but feed on Team Dr Joseph’s deeply rooted values.

What does true sustainability mean?

Nature’s foundation is based on the law of efficiency and sustainability. Wastefulness is alien to nature and our guide to sustainability can be found in the genius of nature that thrives again and again. True sustainability should be an ethos that means being aware of the consequences of one’s actions, acting accordingly, the ability to adapt and always questioning growth for quality.

What is Team Dr Joseph doing?

  • We procure our plant ingredients from where they are native and prefer wild growth collections and free-growing plants, as these have an immense concentration of functional ingredients and thus offer the skin a broad spectrum of effects.
  • Our packaging consists mainly of glass, wood, HDPE and already recycled plastic produced with solar energy.
  • Our cardboard boxes are primarily printed in Italy on FSC-certified paper.
  • We obtain our cardboard packaging from the surrounding area. These are naturally recyclable.
  • We strictly reject animal testing. Our products are not available in any country that requires animal testing.
  • We do not use any synthetic fragrances and dyes, paraffins, parabens or silicones for our products.
  • Our packaging material consists exclusively of paper – even the glue used to seal the boxes is made of potato starch.
  • Our products are loaded with valuable ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Adding products that replace the use of disposables – our Reusable Bamboo Pads.
  • 100% carbon neutral.
  • Support and initiate local projects that contribute to sustainability.
  • Responsible approach to nature.
  • Earth First Zero Waste body care – packaging-free, 0% plastic, handmade, 100% natural and sustainable, organic, zero waste body products.

We all know that our planet is not doing well. And it has for a while. We should not only think about its health but start contributing to it. Because in the end, it is the many small steps that decide the future of our planet. Our future. And as Jane Goodall, said: “Everything you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

What can you do?

  • Plant a tree.
  • Use paper less and recycle more.
  • Use canvas bags instead of plastic.
  • Start a compost pile or bin.
  • Replace your old bulb with a compact fluorescent light.
  • Choose cloth over paper towels.
  • Unplug appliances when they are not being used.
  • Wash all possible clothes on cold.
  • Reduce water waste.
  • Reduce meat consumption.
  • Clean up rivers and coasts.
  • Use resources sparingly, with respect for future generations.
  • Invest in natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

The Building Blocks of a Great Skin Routine

The Building Blocks of a Great Skin Routine

Let us compare the ideal skincare routine to the structure of a house. The foundation of the house can be linked to cleansing and toning. Cleansing and toning go hand in hand together. Regular facial cleansing and toning is critical in maintaining healthy looking and feeling skin. It removes dirt, oil, and unwanted debris. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to bacteria, viruses, pollutions, dirt, and dead skin cells. Daily facial cleansing and toning removes this layer of dirt and grime to give the skin a fresh look and help products to effectively penetrate the skin.

The ground that the house is built on gives it a solid base. Without a solid base the house will collapse. Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in any skincare system and forms the basis to open up the skin for subsequent skincare. Whatever you choose to do next for your skin will be significantly more effective after a basic AHA, BHA and PHA treatment as fruit acids enhance product efficacy. Effective exfoliation should be done regularly, consistently, and safely. Peeling with QMS have no undesired side effects, they are non-toxic, safe, and only dissolve the intercellular glue and not skin cells. They safe for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive and problematic skin, can be used all year round because there is no sensitivity to the sun, and it does not make the skin ‘thinner’.

The wall of the house gives it structure. Anyone from the age of 25 can benefit from using QMS Day and Night Collagen Serums. Formulated with an advanced collagen and hyaluronic acid complex to deliver instant and long-term results. All signs of aging are contributed to the loss of collagen, first signs such as fine lines and wrinkles, deeper stagnant lines, and loss of elasticity. Collagen incorporated skincare is a key factor in keeping the skin youthful and QMS collagen products have been formulated with a patented delivery system that has been clinically proven to deliver the following results:

• Outstanding moisturizing effect
• Improvement in skin smoothness and elasticity
• Skin renewal support
• Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier
• Wrinkle reduction
• Reduces overall signs of aging

For existing QMS clients that want a booster treatment we recommend QMS Collagen Concentrate 7-days System. It contains double the concentration of an advanced collagen and hyaluronic acid complex that intensively plumps and moisturizes the skin. This special combination evens out the fine lines, provides deep-acting moisture, plumps up the skin from the inside, and gives it new energy.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but they are also the first to show signs of aging. Incorporating an eye cream into your daily skincare routine can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles as well as tackle other skin concerns like dryness, puffiness, dark circles, and pigmentation. The sooner the better! It is easier to prevent signs of aging than to correct them. We recommend investing in an eye cream from the age of 25.

Whether you want to tackle fine lines, treat dark circles, or reduce puffiness, these QMS picks have got you covered:

• Dark circles and puffiness – QMS EpiGen Depuff Pollution Shield Eye Serum
• Dryness and sensitivity – QMS Intensive Eye Care Day & Night Eye Cream
• Multiple signs of aging, sun damage and pigmentation – QMS Advanced Cellular Alpine Day & Night Eye Cream
• Instant renewal – QMS Advanced Collagen Eye Lift Eye Sheet Masks


The roof of the house offers protection. Moisturizing and applying a sunscreen every day will go a long way towards protecting your skin and slowing down aging. Within the QMS Moisturizer collection we have something for everyone. QMS moisturizers have been formulated according to your skin type, condition, texture preferences and expected results while targeting multiple skin concerns.

SPF!!! We have saved the most important and fundamental don’t-leave-home-without-it for last! It is important to use sun protection all year round, especially during summer when the burning UVB rays are much stronger, and the aging UVA rays maintains constant throughout the seasons. Applying a broad-spectrum sun cream with SPF30 – 50 will keep your skin in optimal condition long-term. We highly recommend QMS Cellular Sun Shield SPF 50+ to protect your skin from natural and artificial light.

Once the house is built then you can invite guests into your home. Similarly, once you have the right cleanser, toner, exfoliator, collagen serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen then you can look at adding a serum, lip care, mask, or neck cream according to your specific needs. Whether you want a comprehensive or simple skincare routine, QMS has the solution for you. QMS skincare products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, all skin types and conditions, men and women and your routine can be tailored according to your lifestyle, expectations, results, and budget.

What is Blue Light and How To Protect Your Skin Against It

What is Blue Light and How To Protect Your Skin Against It

What is blue light?

Half of the light spectrum is made up of visible light, and the rest from ultraviolet rays (UVA & UVB) and infrared rays. Ultraviolet and infrared light are both invisible however, blue light is part of the visible light spectrum which has a particularly high energy range. This is often referred to as HEV – high energy visible light.

Smartphones, tablets and computer screens add to the blue light exposure to our skins. Not only do we get exposed to the light spectrum during the day, now we also are exposed while watching our favourite series on smart tv’s at night; we spend much time on our phones as well as joining online webinars and zoom meetings as many people now work from home more often.

Blue light

How does blue light damage the skin?

Due to the deeper penetrating wavelengths of blue light, they reach the deeper dermal layers where free radicals induce damage to cell structures and functions. Enzymes that break down our dermal structures – such as collagen and elastin – lead to the premature formation of deep wrinkles. Although deterioration of structural proteins like collagen is natural, oxidative stress caused by blue light accelerates the aging process and the development of several visible signs of aging.

sun skin damageMoreover, UVA, UVB and HEV Light can cause damage to skin cells leading to hyperpigmentation – a skin condition of discolouration which is prominent in a country such as South Africa. Blue light may contribute to conditions such as sun spots, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How can I protect my skin against blue light and the light spectrum?

High-tech natural cosmetics Team Dr Joseph has the answer in two unique plant-based formulations.

What makes these products specialized against blue light?

Team Dr Joseph offers advanced protection against the light spectrum and at the same time enhances the ski’s resistance against photo-aging and photo-damage through plant-based functional ingredients.

A special and central functional ingredient of these sun care products is extracted from the blossoms of the summer lilac (buddleja). It not only protects the plant against UV and IRA but also offers the skin optimum protection against natural and artificial light.

Seabuckthorn is naturally high in vitamins C and E as well as flavonoids to protect the skin’s immune system while you enjoy your time indoors or outdoors.

What are the benefits of these sun care products?

  • Broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • Also protects against artificial light (blue light from mobile phones, smart tv’s and tablets)
  • Light texture that absorbs super-fast and does not whiten (also a great option for African skins)
  • Formulated with cell-protecting and skin-smoothing active ingredients that can prevent premature skin aging and unwanted pigmentation
  • Provides the skin with additional moisture
  • With innovative and harmless sun filters
  • Also suitable for sensitive skin and children’s skin

Ditch Over Exfoliation

Ditch Over Exfoliation

Exfoliation is definitely a must-do step in everyone’s home care routine. There are so many benefits to exfoliating and the best part is that sloughing off dead skin immediately leads to an improved look and feel. If done correctly, make-up applies smoothly, active ingredients penetrate faster and overall, the skin’s radiance, tone and smoothness are enhanced. It can be a little bit ‘addictive’ as we want that feeling all the time.

It is therefore easy to be tricked into over exfoliation however, this is a step where one should often apply the concept of ‘less is more’. One needs to remember that the skin is an intelligent protective organ. Its purpose is to protect. Any damage to the protective functions of the skin can lead to the opposite of the desired effects we set out to achieve.

How to know if you over exfoliate?

Over exfoliating with physical exfoliators such as scrubs with granules can cause little tears in the skin barrier. This means the skin’s protective qualities have been reduced and no good can come of that. Moisture escapes and ultimately a loss of elasticity occurs. The skin will become rough, red with an increased tendency for inflammations and infections. And yes, it will make your breakouts and scarring worse. Over exfoliating with chemical exfoliators may cause skin thinning, premature aging, sensitivity, hyperpigmentation and severe dryness.

What’s the difference with QMS Exfoliators?

With QMS we believe in consistency over intensity. So, you can have your cake and eat it! Exfoliate often but with intelligently designed products. QMS incorporates a variety of natural fruit acids suitable for all skin types and ages. Not only are they perfectly balanced and effective; they are safe, easy to use while they also deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

QMS Exfoliators are, advanced, non-toxic and is safe enough to be used all year around – and even daily if you love to exfoliate.

QMS fruit acids may even be applied to the under-eye contours to target signs of aging. To make our fruit acids even better, the formulations are fortified with hyaluronic acid as well as pre-and probiotics to boost the skin’s microbiome.

Why fruit acids?

The short answer is that they deliver results and enhance the natural regeneration of the skin. They have multiple benefits all in one formulation. Fruit acids, also known as AHA’s, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin thereby contributing to a firmer and plumper skin. They dissolve intercellular glue between dead skin cells and de-clog the skin to give a smooth, even skin texture -free from congestion and blemishes. Fruit acids brighten and lighten dull skin, not only from removing dead skin but enhancing oxygenation, improving circulation and detoxification.

Goodbye dull skin! Hello healthy glow!

Amazing new products from QMS – skin only gets better!

New Products and How To Use Them

QMS Medicosmetics provide targeted and scientifically proven treatments that visibly transform skin through delivering immediate and long-term results. Founded by doctors with a medical approach to skin, QMS is grounded in science and the brand has long been known for the pioneering approach to creating innovative products.

QMS combines the highest quality active ingredients with scientific formulations, to help change the structure and quality of your skin. We are experts in the science of skincare focusing on concerns of the modern client and lifestyle.

In our world, it is all about logic, not miracles. Here are our latest innovative products to keep your skin looking visibly radiant, youthful and healthy.

Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream:

This is the ideal moisturizer for those in their menopausal years. Developed to target skin concerns relating to hormonal changes – in particular, the loss of oestrogen. This formulation includes skin identical collagen, slow release of super-hydrating hyaluronic acid which provides sustained moisture, all day and all night. In addition to that, cell stimulating growth factors and sources rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and flavonoids make this a superior anti-aging moisturizer which targets multiple advanced aging concerns in one. Suitable as a day and night cream.

TIP: We always recommend applying the QMS pioneering Day and Night Collagen Serums before applying this moisturizer for additional anti-aging power.

Collagen Concentrates:

  • Are you always feeling dry and dehydrated?
  • Is the winter weather causing tightness, dullness and visible fine lines?
  • Do you want a quick boost that gives your skin a quick and powerful plump-up and glow without changing your entire routine?

These super concentrates are for those with demanding dry and dehydrated skin.

They are formulated with double concentration of the NEOTEC A15 advanced synergistic complex of collagen and hyaluronic acid as well as a deep-acting skin-restructuring peptide complex. It packs a powerful firming and moisturizing result. Designed to be used for 7 days consecutively, morning and evening, ideally under your Day and Night Collagen Serums.

TIP: Enjoy a QMS Anti-aging facial treatment and then go home with this valuable spoil. Use it the day after the facial. Even your husband will notice the difference!

Advanced Collagen Serum in Oil:

In South Africa we often notice signs of premature skin aging due to our all-year beautiful sunshine weather. Advanced Collagen Serum in Oil is a lightweight, three phase nourishing oil designed to bring balance to the hydro-lipid levels in premature aging and demanding skins.

Its formulation combines the unique collagen serum with Bakuchiol oil – a safe, natural alternative to retinol – which has no side effects. Other natural sources of vitamin B, C, E and fruit acids provide a strong antioxidant effect, while it visible improves skin tone and elasticity.

TIP: This is a superior serum option for anyone looking for the ultimate in skin regeneration. It may be used all year around or, use it as a booster once or twice a year to reverse the undesired effects of the aging process.

Which ever collagen product you choose, your skin will benefit and your skin will visibly look and feel at its best. Should you wish to have a consultation to get the best advice, please get in touch with us for skin expert advice. We take into account your age, skin type, preferences and lifestyle to give you the most advanced bespoke skin regimen on the market today.


Full Disclosure – Transparency is a Necessity

Full Disclosure – Transparency is a Necessity

Clients’ expectations are more than skin deep.

More than ever, clients are demanding greater transparency and accountability from the brands they buy, and the cosmetics industry is no exception. Clients are increasingly conscious and concerned about what they put on their skin.

They are progressively aware of the environmental and social impact of their purchasing decisions, and studies demonstrate that they are prepared to support brands that share their concern and are even willing to pay more for products they know to be sustainable.

Clients expect high-quality raw materials, scientific and clinically proven ingredients, and synergistic formulations. Brands owe it to their clients to provide transparency and a guarantee of quality. Full disclosure is no longer an option. It is a necessity.

When it comes to sustainability and transparency, all aspects of operations come into play: sourcing, packaging, waste reduction while protecting the climate, forest, waters, and people.

What clients want:

  • Ingredient authenticity and quality.
  • Skincare brands publicly vowing ingredient transparency.
  • Safe, environmentally friendly, and fair products.
  • Products that have instant and long-lasting results.
  • Scientific and clinically proven products and ingredients.
  • Free from cosmetic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohols, silicones, fragrance, dyes, SLS and formaldehyde.
  • Cruelty free products.

Engaged clients are looking to become more educated about the ingredients in their skincare regimen. Their trust is built on brand accessibility and transparency. We believe that transparency is about full disclosure not just listing ingredients but educating clients about what is in our products and what is not in our products and why. Clients are asking more complex questions and they seek as much information as possible. To client’s transparency means honesty and integrity. They want to make informed choices for themselves and have really started to care about the safety of ingredients related to our own health.

QMS Medicosmetics Transparency:

Our Promise

Every element of QMS Medicosmetics skincare products and treatments has been designed to improve the appearance and wellbeing of the skin, not just in the short term but to also deliver long-lasting benefits. When you enjoy our products or one of our treatments you can be reassured you are experiencing decades of established expertise focused on the simple but important credo of ‘to look good is to feel good’. It is everyday skincare for everyone – all skin types and conditions.

Safety & Certification

  • All skincare products and treatments are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • All our products are safe, anti-irritant, provide long term results and are paraben free.
  • There is a continuous search for new innovations and technologies to improve existing products.
  • Packaging has been improved to be more environmentally friendly.
  • Under the EU regulation 1223/2009 animal testing has been banned on cosmetics products and their ingredients. QMS Medicosmetics are in full support of this regulation and do not test on animals.
  • Approved by FDA and EU standards for cosmetics.

QMS Medicosmetics adheres to the strictest standards and regulations for cosmetic formulation according to the EU and FDA approval standards; therefore, it does not contain any ingredients that have been banned in Europe and USA.

We all want brands to make ingredients simpler to navigate and present ingredients in a straightforward manner. Clients have a right to information and a right to know what ingredients they apply on their skin. All our ingredients are listed on the packaging and follow international standards. Our objective and philosophy is to support brands that are sustainable, transparent, safe and results driven.

Holistic Lifestyle Habits Tips

Holistic Lifestyle Habits Tips

There has been a tremendous spike in holistic trends and sustainable living over the past few years.

According to the Global Wellness Summit 2020, the global health and wellness market – which refer to the wellbeing of body, mind and soul – reached a value of US$3.31 Billion in 2020.

Topics such as meditation and mindfulness, sustainable packaging and the health of our oceans are now commonly discussed on social media – compared to just a few years ago. More and more research on these topics is underway as consumers want to be educated and are willing to make real lifestyle changes.

The benefits of holistic living are numerous. Reduced stress levels and better overall stress management is a huge driving factor. Less stress means more joy, and more joy means more happiness. With a happier life, aging is slowed down, and risk of illness and disease minimized.

So, what does a holistic lifestyle look like and how can you add more holism to your own life? Firstly, holism is to bring a balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is the realization that all these parts form part of one bigger picture; that they are interconnected as one influences the other. A holistic life is more than choosing natural products, natural skin care or natural medicine. It involves a deeper introspection to know what feels intuitively right for oneself.

Here are a few holistic ways in which you can bring balance to your life and live more holistically:

Mindfulness and meditation

Probably one of the most important aspects of holistic lifestyle is the ability to bring stillness to the mind. Especially in today’s world where we are bombarded by information and knowledge which ultimately leads to an overactive mind. Being in the ‘here and now’ help us to tap into universal consciousness and intelligence so that we could be guided intuitively to what is right for us. Meditation allows us to become aware of the overactive mind, our thoughts and how those thoughts affect our emotions and life. Mindfulness helps us to remain grounded and connected to ourselves in order to move with the ebbs and flows of life.

Create healthy habits

Here we need to look at the different aspects of the self – body, mind and spirit – and find healthy ways to create balance between all aspects. A healthy morning routine is always a good start to any day. You could bring in a few minutes of meditation, an exercise routine, planning your day (as to not get distracted unnecessarily), and perhaps a gratitude practice.

In a holistic lifestyle, success is achieved from consistency and not intensity. So, let go of the need to ‘punish’ yourself and do the best you can with what you have.

Include intentional choices for your day such as indulging in self-love practices such as positive affirmations, healthy dietary choices, or even something as simple as a 5 minute me-time tea break during a busy day.

Choosing sustainable and natural products, foods and medicines

The concept of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is the basis of this wellness tip. Much of our chronic lifestyle diseases, stress and weight issues are caused by our hectic schedules, sedentary lifestyles and ever-growing need for instant results and convenient options. As a result, we are unaware of what we put on and into our bodies and how that may affect our health and happiness. We can prevent much of this imbalance by simply choosing different options as consumers.

Try a natural remedy before grabbing for the regular OTC medication. Consider the mental and emotions causes of your dis-ease. (This is not to say that you should not visit a medical professional. Always consult a doctor for any prolonged or sudden health changes).

Cook your own food and know what you are consuming and how much. Eat mindfully – for example, don’t eat on the go but instead take time to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Perhaps try an energy healing session such as reiki or reflexology or go for a regular massage. Where possible, select natural and organic selfcare products free from synthetic chemicals. Be mindful of plastics and select environmentally friendly packaging as much as possible.

In conclusion, there is no one way to live holistically but there are several ways in which to take steps to a more holistic lifestyle. Start with one or two simple things that is achievable and start from there. Be kind and compassionate to yourself, your fellow humans and to our mother earth as you learn, grow and evolve. Remember life is to be enjoyed and shared.



To say that the skincare industry is ever evolving would be an understatement. Each year, we see new ingredients and trends rise to prominence in skincare.

One of the top skincare trends is a shift towards skinimalism. In short, this means clients are embracing their skin’s natural texture and adopting minimalistic skincare routines by embracing less make up and showcasing their natural skin, using smarter products that target multiple skin concerns at the same time and minimizing the number of steps in their skincare regime.

Clients are adopting a more minimalist behaviour seeking simple yet effective skincare products. This refreshing take on skincare might sound trendy, but it is really all about going back to basics. Less is more when it comes to skincare. Layering too many skin-care products can worsen existing skin issues or create new problems. Thus, it is important to focus on the products that can benefit your skin, what your skin really needs and avoiding skin clutter.

Here, we run through the key elements to following a skinimalist routine – plus, a few products suggestions that can help you achieve it.


Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in any skincare system and forms the foundation to open up the skin for subsequent skincare. Whatever you choose to do next for your skin will be significantly more effective after the basic AHA treatment as fruit acids enhance efficacy. Effective exfoliation should be done regularly, consistently, and safely. Peeling with QMS have no undesired side effects, they are non-toxic, safe, and only dissolve the intercellular glue and not skin cells. They safe for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive and problematic skin, can be used all year round because there is no sensitivity to the sun, and it does not make the skin ‘thinner’.

Product suggestions:


Serums are characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture. Due to their high-water content, they are absorbed faster by the skin without leaving a film. Just a few drops are enough to supply the skin with essential functional ingredients and provide intensive care.

Adding a serum to your skincare routine will make the biggest difference to how your skin looks and feels. They contain the highest concentration of pure active ingredients that are designed to be delivery systems making sure that ingredients deliver their greatness deep down.

Product suggestions:



QMS face masks will deliver on their promises. They are the perfect ‘vehicle’ to deliver highly concentrated key active ingredients, such as antioxidants, peptides, and botanical oils to the skin. Our masks are the real deal providing the ultimate boost for your skin when it looks and feels less than optimal. Regardless of your skin type or concern, all skin can benefit from using a face mask weekly.

All our masks are ‘overnight’ or ‘sleeping’ masks which means you can leave them on overnight! Sleeping with a mask on will allow the beneficial ingredients to work for longer than a traditional rinse-off mask, making them more effective and less time consuming. They are also great value for money and target multiple skincare concerns and there is no need to use your regular night-time moisturizer.

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The result? A basic routine that will save you time, money, and unnecessary trial and error. There are clients who have tried so many different skincare trends and are completely frustrated and feel hopeless. The solution is to simplify their skincare routine and add multitaskers. More importantly at the heart of skinimalism is an emphasis on embracing your real skin and allowing your natural glow to shine instead of covering up your flaws.

Are you ready to practice skinimalism?