Renee Zellweger’s BAFTA Glow with QMS Medicosmetics

Renee Zellweger BAFTA Glow


With Renee Zellweger set to take home the award for “Leading Actress” at the 2020 BAFTA awards, there was no better choice for her glam than trusted makeup artist and skin-care specialist Dana Hamel. Dana has worked with the star for years and it’s clear that performance-driven skincare is an absolute must in her red-carpet routine.

To achieve Renee’s youthful, lit-from-within-glow, Hamel chose expert German-born skincare brand QMS Medicosmetics to prepare her skin-first look.

Founded in 1986 by traumatology specialist, Dr med. Erich Schulte, QMS is an original ‘doctor brand’, driving the German beauty conversation with its doctor-led formulations and progressive skincare protocols. With logic not miracles at the core of the brand, QMS takes a pragmatic and progressive approach to skincare solutions.

With QMS’ professional medicosmetic credentials, pioneering collagen R&D and spa skincare protocols, QMS is German engineering, for skin.

To achieve Renee Zellweger’s glowing look, Dana opted for a collagen-focused regimen. Recognising collagen’s ability to improve skin suppleness in postsurgery scarring, Schulte founded QMS, incorporating an innovative collagen and hyaluronic acid complex, Neotec A15®, to restore the skin. Collagen forms the core of all QMS protocols, to restore skin’s youthful suppleness; some of the key products used in the red-carpet prep include;

HYDRO FOAM MASK – An intensely hydrating and soothing micro foam mask. Luxurious micro-foam formula with restorative proteins, revitalising vitamins and soothing botanical oils to hydrate and calm the skin. The lightweight foam texture instantly soaks into the skin within minutes.

ACTIVE EXFOLIANT – Exfoliating fluid with 11% AHAs and pH 3.5. The exfoliant has a gentle peeling effect that refines and optimises the skin for the Day Collagen and Night Collagen, resulting in bright, smooth skin that is full of vitality.

DAY COLLAGEN – An advanced day serum developed to hydrate, protect and help strengthen the skin’s defences against free radicals. Hydrating Day Collagen serum is formulated with advanced Neotec A15® Collagen technology, Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000®. A key step of the iconic Collagen System.

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An amazing weight loss breakthrough

A new weight loss breakthrough lets you burn through unwanted fat, while simultaneously boosting your energy levels

Skinny Green Coffee, or coffea canephora, is made from raw, unroasted coffee beans rich in caffeine and chlorogenic acid and compounds that have shown to help boost the body’s metabolism and inhibit gluconeogenesis – the technical term for fat absorption.

The formulation includes the innovative ingredient evodiamine, which has thermogenic properties that induce heat production and aid in the generation of energy. This causes the cell’s metabolism to speed up and work harder, resulting in more calories being burned.

It also contains raspberry ketone, an aromatic compound that reduces visceral fatty tissue and liver triglycerides. Skinny Green Coffee is rich in the anti-oxidants necessary to fight free radicals which may cause premature ageing. We’re exposed to free radicals through daily stress, pollution and the smoke associated with modern living.

The Skinny Rules:

Add a sachet of Skinny Green Coffee to 150ml boiling water and enjoy the first thing in the morning, with breakfast or on the go. Sit down for another cup in the morning to give you a natural pick-me-up. You could even have a third cup after lunch to help with that mid-day slump, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine, try to avoid any caffeinated products after 3pm.

How to drink Skinny Green Coffee:

Skinny Green Coffee is pure and contains no added fats or sugars. Ideally, it should be appreciated in its original, pure form – simply add hot water. However, you can also add a dash of low-fat or fat-free milk and a natural sweetener if needed.

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