Summer Skin with Team Dr Joseph

The sun provides us with so many health benefits and brings a light energy to life. Summer time brings us loads of energy with fun in the sun. We socialize more, we spend time outside around a fire, we swim and go on hikes or to the beach – just to name a few.

We would love to share a few secrets to enjoy life in our sunny climate but to also to select appropriate skin care to support your summer lifestyle. We must protect our skins from harmful UV rays, prevent moisture loss and replace lost moisture. Bare in mind, the sun is the number one accelerator of skin aging, so be wise and choose quality professional skincare products because your skin deserves the best.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more! Along with plenty of water, keep your skin plump and moisturized with Ultra Hydration Serum, suitable for all skin types and loved by both males and females alike. With high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, this serum will replace lost moisture instantly. It smells amazing and is super lightweight for quick penetration. Instant glow in a bottle!

Never leave the house without your sunscreen. Today, sunscreens do more than just protect the skin against UV rays. Your Daily Sun Protection Cream SPF30 protects the skin from the negative effects of the full light spectrum – even the light from computer screens and tables or smartphones. In addition to that, it also has therapeutic benefits to prevent pigmentation and aging. With its natural formulation, it is suitable for children and sensitive skins too. Don’t forget about your hands. Especially with the excessive harsh effects of alcohol in the hand sanitizers we all use daily. Alcohol is drying and can aggravate the development of sun spots on the hands. A regular application of the Daily Cellular Protection Hand Cream SPF10 will keep the hands smooth and youthful.

Every now and then we are caught off guard and we get sunburnt. When your skin feels sensitive, red, tight or irritated, apply the Intense Skin Calming Mask to the skin. These intensive soothing and hydration complexes will alleviate the sensitivity and help to restore the skin to its natural radiance while giving it the extra comfort it needs.

With regular sun exposure, the skin can become really dull and devitalized. Switch your moisturizer to Daily Energising Cream. This is a beautifully balanced moisturizer for all skin types and imparts a glow to make the skin fresh and healthy looking. The potent active ingredients in this formulation, increases the skin’s oxygenation and also contains massive amounts of antioxidants for protection – perfect for the days spent outside or around the fire.

02 Moisturising / Dry Skin

TDJ Ultra Hydration Serum


01 Calming / Sensitive Skin

TDJ Skin Calming Mask


04 Energizing / Blemished Skin

TDJ Daily Energising Cream


Whatever your skin needs, the natural formulations of Team Dr Joseph High-Tech Cosmetics have the answer for you. We are here to give you expert advice on any skin query you may have. Contact us on or order your products online.