Step into a Team Dr Joseph Facial

Step into a Team Dr Joseph Facial

Most people, when visiting a salon or a spa, want to experience relaxation and, at the same time want superior skin care results. What is the point of a facial without results right? Our over-active minds and time-pressured lifestyles create tension within our bodies which eventually also becomes visible on the face and skin. There is one facial brand that trumps all other facial treatments when it comes to hitting the nail on the head with its unique relaxation techniques and phenomenal results – Team Dr Joseph.

These holistic, plant-based facial treatments will leave you floating out of the spa, feeling light and a with sense of peace and calm from within. It is a sensory experience and a journey like no other. This is a treatment that gathers its quality from past experiences, new innovation and traditional methods.

Products and ingredients are intelligently formulated with sustainable and respectful approach of humans and nature. Treatments are tailor-made and offers an individual approach to each guest. They are health-relevant and aims to create a positive influence on all skin types and ages.

You will be welcomed by an inspiring and balancing fragrance that immediately affects the emotional centre in the brain, activating relaxation through the olfactory pathways. This is combined with some deep breathing to set the tone for the rest of the treatment. A gentle reminder that this is your ‘me-time’ and there really is no need to think about anything at all – just let go and relax.

The entire treatment is done slowly, with attention to detail in every step. An intentional slowness to counteract the busy-ness of our minds and lives. This creates balance and equilibrium to the nervous system. Gentle manual lymphatic stimulation is a winner for reducing psychological stress and slows down brain activity. Not only does it relax you but removes toxins and metabolic by-products from the cells to enhance skin metabolism, cell renewal and overall regeneration of the skin.

Even the peeling is done in slow rhythmical strokes with soft fan brushes – a welcome alternative to the normal peeling experience. It is gentle and safe. It leaves a super delicious, soft feeling and radiant glow behind on your skin.

Throughout the treatment soothing hot steam compresses – soaked in a special combination of salts and oils – relax the tensed-up nerve endings, soothing away tension in the facial tissues and gently increases the microcirculation to the facial tissues. Enjoy a long, nurturing and comforting massage with cruelty-free organic products and healing hands over your face, neck and decolletage. Results are achieved with the inclusion of highly concentrated, plant-based serums and intensive, skin-specific masks. Furthermore, the facial makes use of glass cupping, natural sea sponges and more.

After 2020, we all deserve some de-stressing, a little bit of luxury and a heap of extra self-love. Whether you have acne-prone or aging skin, there is an option for you. Even men have a specialized facial tailor-made for their preferences and needs too. View our directory and find a spa near you.