Priming the skin for make-up application

Professional make-up artists always take the quality of their models’ skin seriously. This is because they know that a clear healthy skin provides a perfect canvas for their art.

Make up products and styles change and vary throughout the lifetime. Taking care that your skin stays in a good condition, can only be a good thing and ensures make up looks good at any age! Priming the skin for the perfect application is an essential part of how your make up application looks.

Make up DO’s:

A fresh and simplistic look can be achieved with a few quality products at home.

  1. Use a toner:Daily Balancing Toner
    • Ensure your toner is hydrating and has an astringent effect. Tightening the pores prevents unnecessary congestion and prevents the skin from developing an oily shine which allows your make up to last longer.
    • Daily Balancing Toner/Daily Purifying Toner
  2. Change to a natural fruit acid exfoliator:Fruit Acid Peel
    • These powerful and gentle fruit acids effectively remove build-up of dead skin cells. It is suitable for all skin types. It refines the pores, gives a beautiful glow under the make-up application, and prevents clogging. For mature skins, it also helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles, improving the appearance of aging.
    • Fruit Acid Peel
  3. Select the correct priming product for your skin type:
    • Choose Soft Focus Pore Refining Cream if your skin is oily with large pores. This product minimizes the pores while reducing shine. Ensure that the make-up lasts all day and your skin is protected against congestion.
    • Choose Climate Defence Rich Cream if your skin is sensitive or extremely dry. This super rich cream gives intensive moisture, sooths and protects against possible irritating ingredients in make-up.

    • TDJ Age Repair Miracle Drops

    • Choose Age Repair Miracle Drops if aging and wrinkles are your main concern. This one is a favourite and a powerhouse of plant actives, beneficial for a multitude of skin priorities.
  4. Always remove your make up with natural plant-based make up remover:
      Gentle Makeup Remover

    • Gentle Make up Remover is suitable for all skin types. This wonderfully fragrant plant-based product gently removes eye make-up and foundation. It leaves the skin smooth, soft and clean.

Make up DON’Ts

  • Apply your foundation while the skin is still damp from the moisturizer. This allows for a smoother application and a more moisturized look.
  • Powder application should be avoided if the skin is wrinkled, mature or for those who have large pores.
  • Avoid shimmery eye shadows on dry and wrinkled skins.
  • Avoid applying make-up directly to skin without preparing it with quality primers.
  • Never go to bed with make up on as this interferes with the skin’s natural detoxification during sleep.