Enjoy the last days of Summer!

Autumn is fast approaching, which means the climate is going to get cooler, making it much harder to motivate yourself to be active. Soon, we will be digging the blankets out of storage, stocking up the firewood and wishing for some sunshine. This is a great reason why we all need to take advantage of the last remaining warm days to their fullest. So to ensure you start the new season in the best way possible, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep active and stay on top of your fitness and weight goals.

1. Go outside, take the scenic route – and take SKINNY with you!

Working out in the open air is so much better than those treadmills at the gym. Go power walking, cycling, or even get social at a park run – anything where you can get some exercise whilst taking in those sun-rays and feel a breeze through your hair! Reward yourself with guilt-free SKINNY GREEN COFFEE!

2. Stock up on fresh seasonal treats!

Typical summer fruits including mangoes, avos and watermelon are going to get harder to get. This is the perfect time to indulge in light fresh salads and fruit platters while you still can! Fruits make for wonderful snacks, not to mention their importance to any healthy diet in all their nutritious glory. You could also chop up some interesting flavour combinations of fruits, freeze them and add them to your water or even try blitzing a banana and some blueberries into your next SKINNY smoothie* to create a refreshing and delicious way to stay hydrated.

3. Adopt a well-balanced diet & add SKINNY GREEN COFFEE!

By eating the right amount of nutrients the body needs to function properly, not only will you shed a few extra kilo’s before the cool months are amongst us, but you will also get loads of extra energy to ensure you power through the day, no matter how cold it gets. So after your morning jog or exercise remember to keep it going in a positive fashion with healthy meals and remember your guilt-free energising cup of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE.

4. Experiment. Think outside the box!

Break the routine. Try some new tricks to maintain your weight-loss goals. Set up a footstep goal you want to hit everyday to encourage yourself to get up and move, then use an app or pedometer to track yourself. Try out new low-cal and low-carb recipes to satisfy your cravings without harming your weight-loss efforts. Instead of drinking your SKINNY GREEN COFFEE hot (or cold), try blitz it in a yummy smoothie* (see recipe below).

Though Autumn is undeniably colourful and beautiful, it does require a bit more of an effort to keep yourself healthy and happy. Remember to stay active, eat healthy and sleep well! Always keep a sachet of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE close by (in the car, purse, laptop bag, wallet, gym bag or jean pockets!) as it is made from raw unroasted coffee beans that help boost the metabolism and inhibit fat absorption. It is the perfect weight-loss companion, super easy to prepare (hot or cold) and super convenient to take with you everywhere you go!

Don’t allow the temptations that come with cool weather derail your weight-loss efforts. Treat yourself to a cup of SKINNY GREEN COFFEE, and enjoy guilt-free. Place your order on our website NOW!