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Team Dr Joseph are the innovators and leaders of high-tech natural cosmetics for more advanced and intensive results using natural plant ingredient complexes. These complexes are combined with the latest in skin care technology to improve the delivery of active ingredients on a cellular level. In addition to the ingredients and technology, the creams are exceptionally well balanced in fragrance and texture to easily absorb into the skin yet have long lasting effects targeting all skin types.

Calming Range:
  • Daily Skin Calming Cream
  • Gentle Couperose Cream

Sensitive skin types are usually very fair and thin. It has an increased sensitivity to aggressive ingredients and topical treatments. Psychological stress can also influence sensitive skin and it becomes irritated and red.

Daily Skin Calming Cream is perfect for slightly sensitive skin types with translucent skin. Gentle Couperose Cream is a more intensively calming moisturizer for those suffering from skin conditions such as couperose and rosacea.

Couperin Complex provides anti-oxidants to protect the skin cells from the inside and the outside. These protective ingredients are soothing to sensitive and irritated skins and prevent further damage that can lead to redness and irritation.

Moisturizing Range:
  • Daily Moisturizing Cream
  • Ultra Intense Moisturizing Cream

Dry skins are usually fine-textured with rough patches and more prone to wrinkles. Dry skins are often sensitive to climatic changes and can become red easily if not well protected.

Daily Moisturizing Cream is light yet moisturizing cream for dehydrated skins and can also be used for dehydrated combination skin types. Ultra Intense Moisturizing Cream is for the oil dry and severely dry skins.

Both moisturizers contain a combination of Figue Hydration Extract and Hyaluronic acid which provides intensive and deep hydration for the most demanding dry skin.

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Purifying Range:
  • Daily Purifying Facial Cream

Oily and combination skins often present with oily T-zone and excessively shiny skin. Although radiance and oil are important for our skin’s protective functions and to keep it hydrated, excessive oil can lead to congested pores such as blackheads and pimples. These skins are also often sluggish in detoxification and dullness with rough skin texture is common.

Daily Purifying Facial Cream targets excessive oil, detoxification of skin cells and improves the skin texture. A light yet moisturizing cream absorbs easily. Highly concentrated anti-inflammatories of Usnea extract prevent post-acne scarring.

Energizing Range:
  • Daily Energizing Cream

Dull and lifeless skins lack in oxygen and blood supply to the skin cells. This results in free radical damage and a further development of a grey or yellow complexion. Slow metabolism and lack of cellular activity lead to a build up of dead skin, dullness and blemishes appear.

Daily Energizing Cream oxygenates the skin cells, gently removes dull dead skin cells and stimulates the cellular metabolism to revive the look of tired and dull skin complexions. Oxylysate is a yeast derived ingredient and increases the cellular oxygen content and therefore respiration of the skin. This moisturizer is also perfect for those suffering from irregular skin tone and provides a more even complexion.

Well-aging Range:
  • Daily Repair Well Aging Cream

After 35 our skin’s collagen synthesis drastically slows down leading to loss of volume and elasticity. The result is a tired, wrinkled and sagging skin. Daily Repair Well Aging Cream targets aging by providing multiple synergistic complexes of plant ingredients. These ingredients stimulate collagen and elastin fibres to plump fine lines and wrinkles.

Hibiscus extract has a powerful muscle relaxing effect on expression lines (eg frown lines). Intensive moisturizing ingredients provides radiance and comfort to aging skin. Skin colour, tone and texture are improved and the aging process is slowed down to prevent the further onset of aging signs.

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