The Perfect Device

The Perfect Device

For Team Dr Joseph, nature is one of the greatest sources of inspiration and they have exceeded in developing a new category of skincare that achieves symbiosis between ancient expertise and modern technology.

Our high-tech, organic certified and 100% natural product line and The Perfect Device form a synergistic collaboration to give your skin a revolutionary feeling of wellbeing. Extend your treatment experience for an even more visual effect with the innovative ultrasonic peeling and the ultrasonic repair and lift application. This synergistic interaction treats your skin, bringing it to a new level, and fosters its natural function and beauty.


The Perfect Device uses low frequency ultrasound in combination with Team Dr Joseph skin care products. The ultrasonic frequencies allow the natural high-tech active ingredients to safely penetrate even the deepest layers of the skin. Collagen and elastin synthesis is gently stimulated. This means: The active ingredients can reach their full potential and the deep skin layers will tighten to a maximum. The effect of the ultrasonic frequencies immediately shows in visibly smoother and tighter skin. This technique can be used all year round and for every skin type, even sensitive and problematic skin.


  • Immediate and long-term benefits.
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Reduction of skin impurities and blemishes.
  • Accelerates healing and repair for the skin.
  • Refines skin conditions.
  • Revitalizing for demanding skin.
  • Energizing for dull and tired skin.
  • Excellent for smokers and sun damaged skin.
  • Increases skin metabolism (stimulates nutrient and oxygen supply).
  • Hydrating and antiseptic.


Ultrasonic Facial Lift – 50 min (Express ultrasonic firming facial)

Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift – 80 min (Luxurious lifting program)

The premium class of ultrasonic lifting! Experience an entirely new procedure for a rejuvenated and flawless appearance. This intensive treatment uses an entirely new procedure to make the face look plumper, fresher, and youthfully firm. Ultrasound frequencies bring natural active ingredients safely into deeper skin layers so that the potential of the active ingredients can fully unfold. The skin is strengthened to the maximum in the deeper layers. Depending on the condition of the skin, the treatment is individually adapted to your needs.

We recommend booking the treatments as a set to maintain the results and the wow-effect as long as possible.

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