Stress and how it affects your skin

People are different and so the effects of stress may also manifest itself differently for different people. While some people are getting stress breakouts, others get flare ups of eczema and psoriasis. For some, their skins suddenly appear lined and aged, and some look tired and dull.

During periods of stress, our bodies produce stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. While these hormones are great in a life and death situation, they cause havoc in chronic periods of stress.

There are basic things we can do to manage our stress levels in these tough times. Nothing can replace a good night’s sleep. Healthy eating is absolutely key to optimal cell functions and regular exercise helps to balance the body and mind.

You might already have daily healthy habits of drinking 2 litres of water and meditating, and yet, your skin is still not where you want it to be. It is no wonder when we consider the stress we are under, the environment we’re are exposed to and, our lifestyle habits. In stressful times we owe it to our skins to give it some extra love and care. It is your largest organ after all!

Luckily, there are some seriously advanced products that will help your skin and the stress it has to deal with. These products are multi-functional meaning they can target all the concerns at once, making them great value for money products. They are easy to use and delivers visible results, quickly.

So, whatever the issue is you are dealing with, here are my top three product recommendations for stressed out skins:

Epigen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask:

With innovative ingredient complex containing wild indigo, this incredibly relevant ingredient helps the skin destress by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. A naturally nerve calming neuropeptide, beta-endorphin is released. This ingredient is complimented by the natural cycles that occur while you sleep. Intelligence in a bottle!

This product smells and feels incredible. I can’t get enough of it. It can reduce stress breakouts, get rid of environmental pollutants and give you your glow back and at the same time, have a botox-like effect to improve those wrinkles that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. All skin types can use this, and you will love it!

Collagen Intravital Plus:

Nutricosmetics – nourish and care for your skin from within. This intelligent formulation can find the damaged cells and improve the skin’s immune system. It contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, collagen and antioxidants – everything you need for healthy skin.

If inflammatory skin conditions are your main issue, then this product is a top recommendation for you. Eczema, acne and psoriasis are common forms of skin inflammations. Often when one is stressed out, the skin becomes more reactive. This is due to the elevated levels of cortisol and adrenaline. As soon as you apply a topical product, the skin reacts again. This can then make you stress even more! Collagen Intravital Plus is safe and effective to target the skin at a deeper level, improves the immune system and reduce irritation and acne flare ups.

Active Exfoliant Resurfacing Fluid:

Just upgrading this one product in your skin care routine will make a world of difference. It is an essential product after all. Fruit acids are combined with probiotics in this formulation to increase your skin’s immune system. It will remove dead skin and impurities that clogs your pores and make you look dull. Not only will your products penetrate and apply much better, but the results are instantly seen and felt. Fruit acids boost your collagen and elastin production thereby minimizing fine lines and wrinkles that make you appear tired and old.

Skin hydration is improved so you will get that glow you dream of. Furthermore, the skin’s appearance is smoother, complexion is radiant, dark spots are improved and congestion and impurities removed. And that is not all. If you have fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, you can even apply this product right under the lash to boost regeneration of the skin.

If your skin is sensitive, select the Active Exfoliant 7% as it contains amazing anti-irritation ingredients to reduce the inflammation and help the skin to make healthier skin cells faster.

I invite you to give these product options a try. They work quickly and efficiently, and I know you will love them. A professional consultant is available for your online questions