To say that the skincare industry is ever evolving would be an understatement. Each year, we see new ingredients and trends rise to prominence in skincare.

One of the top skincare trends is a shift towards skinimalism. In short, this means clients are embracing their skin’s natural texture and adopting minimalistic skincare routines by embracing less make up and showcasing their natural skin, using smarter products that target multiple skin concerns at the same time and minimizing the number of steps in their skincare regime.

Clients are adopting a more minimalist behaviour seeking simple yet effective skincare products. This refreshing take on skincare might sound trendy, but it is really all about going back to basics. Less is more when it comes to skincare. Layering too many skin-care products can worsen existing skin issues or create new problems. Thus, it is important to focus on the products that can benefit your skin, what your skin really needs and avoiding skin clutter.

Here, we run through the key elements to following a skinimalist routine – plus, a few products suggestions that can help you achieve it.


Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in any skincare system and forms the foundation to open up the skin for subsequent skincare. Whatever you choose to do next for your skin will be significantly more effective after the basic AHA treatment as fruit acids enhance efficacy. Effective exfoliation should be done regularly, consistently, and safely. Peeling with QMS have no undesired side effects, they are non-toxic, safe, and only dissolve the intercellular glue and not skin cells. They safe for all skin types and conditions, even sensitive and problematic skin, can be used all year round because there is no sensitivity to the sun, and it does not make the skin ‘thinner’.

Product suggestions:


Serums are characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients and a light texture. Due to their high-water content, they are absorbed faster by the skin without leaving a film. Just a few drops are enough to supply the skin with essential functional ingredients and provide intensive care.

Adding a serum to your skincare routine will make the biggest difference to how your skin looks and feels. They contain the highest concentration of pure active ingredients that are designed to be delivery systems making sure that ingredients deliver their greatness deep down.

Product suggestions:


QMS face masks will deliver on their promises. They are the perfect ‘vehicle’ to deliver highly concentrated key active ingredients, such as antioxidants, peptides, and botanical oils to the skin. Our masks are the real deal providing the ultimate boost for your skin when it looks and feels less than optimal. Regardless of your skin type or concern, all skin can benefit from using a face mask weekly.

All our masks are ‘overnight’ or ‘sleeping’ masks which means you can leave them on overnight! Sleeping with a mask on will allow the beneficial ingredients to work for longer than a traditional rinse-off mask, making them more effective and less time consuming. They are also great value for money and target multiple skincare concerns and there is no need to use your regular night-time moisturizer.

Product suggestions:

The result? A basic routine that will save you time, money, and unnecessary trial and error. There are clients who have tried so many different skincare trends and are completely frustrated and feel hopeless. The solution is to simplify their skincare routine and add multitaskers. More importantly at the heart of skinimalism is an emphasis on embracing your real skin and allowing your natural glow to shine instead of covering up your flaws.

Are you ready to practice skinimalism?