Advice for Young Skins | Hightech Natural Cosmetics

Teenagers and young skins are generally oilier and presents with an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).
The skin texture appears rougher because pores are larger and the skin tends to have blackheads. Poor lymphatic circulation leads to conjestion and dullness.

With hormonal changes during that time period of our lives, oil production can be increased leading to acne and problematic skin conditions. In more severe cases post acne scarring.

Team Dr Joseph recommends a holistic and basic home care routine to boost the skin’s own protective functions and strengthen the skin so that it can fight the conditions associated with teenage skin.

Team Dr Joseph Purifying range has been specifically designed to boost the skin’s acid mantle and is perfect for young skins without drying it out.


Purifying Cleansing Gel & Purifying Toner

Our pH balanced cleansing and toning with herbal USNEA extract cleanses deeply and at the same time calms irritated skin. The purifying toner tightens larges pores and gets rid of excessive oil. Scarring and congestion is minimized with cleansing and toning twice daily.

Daily Purifying Facial Cream

Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin this cream with herbal extracts reduces oil production, improves the metabolism and detoxification of skin cells.

The skin is protected and hydrated to prevent scarring. Rough skin texture becomes smoother and the complexion radiant without an oily shine.

Deep Purifying Serum

Serums are the most concentrated of all skin products. The serum is recommended when the skin is prone to consistent and more severe congestion and breakouts. These skins will also have more post acne scarring.

The purifying serum with highly concentrated purifying ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin targeting deep scarring and multiple concerns at the same time.

The serum is refreshing, light and works with the skin’s natural purifying processes.

Deep Purifying Facial Mask

Masking gives the skin a boost and keeps it in tip top health. This mask contains the perfect combination of purifying, calming and refreshing ingredients and the result is smooth refined skin texture.

Prevention and treatment of blackheads, congestion and scarring is effectively targeted while kaolin clay absorbs excess oil to reduce the shine. For a healthy complexion it is recommended to mask 1-2 a week.

Purifying Facial Treatment with deep cleansing & purifying Algae mask to sooth redness and impurities. – 50 min

Regular facial treatments with a skin care professional is recommended to guide the young client in how to treat their individual skin concerns and how to target their specific needs.

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