Choosing the right Team Dr Joseph Serum for your skin

Each Team Dr Joseph serum has been specially designed to target specific skin concerns to deliver the best and fastest results. Here is a guide on what our serums do and which would be the best for you.

Team Dr Joseph Extra Sensitive Calming Serum:
Reduce redness and irritation fast with this gentle and soothing serum. This serum is for you if you have been struggling with sensitive skin issues for a long time or have a permanent red and irritated skin. It is also suitable for those who get flare ups of eczema or if products with synthetic chemicals aggravate your skin. It will help to enhance the repair processes of the skin by feeding the skin with healing and calming plant actives. It strengthens the skin’s immune system and allows for a smooth comfortable feeling.

Team Dr Joseph Ultra Hydration Serum :
Dehydration affects all skins so we can all do with more moisture in the skin. Alleviate tightness and dullness with a daily application of this serum that contains potent concentrations of natural hyaluronic acid. It will give a plump and radiant appearance to the skin as well as a soft and smooth feeling. In addition to the plumping action, the skin is protected against further moisture loss. This is a serum suitable for all skin types.

Team Dr Joseph Deep Purifying Serum:
This serum is for you if you have post acne scarring or struggling to get breakouts under control. Pimples are often swollen and painful with a throbbing sensation. The therapeutic plant extracts with natural antibiotic effects will reduce these inflammations and at the same time, treat and prevent the marks they tend to leave on the skin. Rough skin texture, large pores and blackheads are improved with this gentle yet powerful serum. Suitable for oily and problematic skins.

Team Dr Joseph Intense Energizing Serum:
Do you struggle with tired and dull appearance? Do you work indoors or live a sedentary lifestyle? It is time to increase the oxygenation to your skin and revive the skin to a fresh and radiant natural glow. This serum is a powerful concoction of stimulating botanical actives that activate cell metabolism, improve circulation and boosts anti-aging results. It is suitable for all skin types looking for that lasting glow.

Team Dr Joseph Supreme Repair Well Aging Serum:
Guard against the development of wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity with this serum. From the age of 35 our collagen synthesis naturally diminishes, so it is important to strengthen the skin’s resistance to natural aging and also, stimulate the skin’s collagen production. This serum is a multi-active formula to target multiple signs of aging all at once. It can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and ensures a youthful radiance so that you age beautifully and gracefully.

Team Dr Joseph Hyaluronic Age Repair Booster Serum:
Every now and then the skin needs an intensive boost. This serum is ideal for those wanting to get quick and intensive results. Use it as a booster for 3 months for a lifting and tightening effect. In also contains botanical botox-like actives for deep wrinkles such as expression lines on forehead, between the brows and nose-to-lip-lines. Wake up every day with firm, plump and glowing skin.

Want more? Add 1 -3 drops of the beautifully balanced Age Repair Miracle Drops to your skin care routine for added moisturization, a glow and to intensity the overall anti-aging effects of your skin-specific serum.