skin689® Bio Cellulose Hyaluron Mask


For Women and Men

Intensive hydration – Deep moisturizing fusion.
Hyaluronic acid offers instant hydration and relaxation, while an amino acid complex moisturizes the skin and nourishes skin cells. Adenosine revitalizes and rejuvinates.

For all skin types.

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  • Fermented coconut-­extract: anti-­oxidant; provides the skin with moisture and improves skin elasticity.
  • Betaine: amino acid derivative; maintainsand moisturizes the skin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: polysaccharide ; moisturizing, protects against irritationand environmental factors.
  • Aquaxyl: supports the effect of hyaluronic acid. Optimized water circulation through the layers of the skin and reduced trans-­epidermal water loss. Strengthens the resistance of the skin.
  • Amino acid complex: similar composition in the stratumcorneum -­ moisturizes the skin and nourishes the cells. Protectsagainst skin aging.
  • Adenosine: a part of the energy molecule ATP. Stimulates cell metabolism. The skin is revitalizedandlooks younger.

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