Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare

Why you should change your skincare for the seasons:

It is not just fashion trends that are seasonal; your skincare should be seasonal too. It is important to change up your skincare routine to ensure that you are providing it with all the nutrients and nourishment it needs. Temperature changes, environmental stressors, difference in sun exposure and humidity levels influence the way your skin looks and feels. Transitioning your skincare routine seasonally equips your skin to perform and look its best.

Expected winter skin changes:

Colder temperatures alters the balance of oil and water on the skin, disrupting our protective barrier leaving the skin feeling tight, dry, dull, and more sensitive. During winter hydration is key and skincare should be all about nourishment and protection. Using products that are rich in plant-based oils, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and proteins will strengthen the skin’s barrier and resistance to cooler months. In order to protect your skin from the cold dry air; there are four products that you will want to pay attention to:

  1. Creamy cleanser: QMS Deep Gentle Cleanser Cleansing Lotion has a creamy formula for gentle and effective cleansing without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry afterwards.
  2. Gentle exfoliation: Did you know that dead skin cells build up faster during winter because they dehydrate and die from the cold, dry air? You will want to buff away the dead skin cells to uncover the new healthy cells, improve the texture and tone of your skin and most importantly help your skincare products to penetrate more effectively into the skin. QMS Active Exfoliants are safe for all skin types and conditions, does not cause any trauma or downtime.
  3. Nourishing mask: QMS Power Firm Mask has a rich formula to deeply nourish parched skin and as an added bonus it has an immediate Botox-like effect! You can include a multi-masking routine into your schedule by leaving this mask on overnight.
  4. Advanced treatments: All skin needs a boost from time to time and our QMS Collagen Concentrate 7-Days System is a highly concentrated revitalizing collagen treatment that intensively plumps and moisturizers the skin leaving it feeling supple, re-densified and smooth after just one application!

Year-round skincare products:

Each season comes with specific skincare concerns and while you should consider changing things up, there are a few products that should be part of your routine 365 days a year.

  1. Sunscreen: Did you know the ozone layer is thinner during winter? This means that despite it being colder during winter, your skin may be absorbing more UV-rays. QMS Cellular Sun Shield SPF50 PA+++ Sunscreen Lotion has been tested in extreme climates and offers the highest level of protection for all skin types.
  2. Eye Treatment: The skin around the eyes is thinner, more prone to dryness, sensitivity and is the first to show signs of aging. An eye treatment can be used for circulation (dark circles and puffiness) and regeneration (fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, and sensitivity). We recommend QMS EpiGen Depuff Pollution Shield Eye Serum for circulation and QMS Intensive Eye Care Day & Night Eye Cream for regeneration.
  3. Supplement: Using the correct skincare routine and supplement will leave your skin glowing from within! Your body needs a balanced supply of nutrients to stay healthy and your skin, which is the largest organ in the human body, is no different. A skin-friendly supplement helps to contribute to healthy skin and provides a 360-degree approach to skincare. QMS Collagen Intravital Plus Nutritional Supplement can target all skincare concerns and is safe to take while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Winter is the toughest season on the skin and by not changing your skincare routine you will not be giving your skin everything it needs to protect you – its main function. Tailoring your skincare routine with each season helps you to personalize your regime to target specific skin concerns that arise during that time of the year.