The QMS Mask Range and how to choose the right one

The QMS Mask Range (how to choose the right one)

What is your skin concern?

Tightness and dehydration.

Hydro Foam Hydrating Recovery Mask is an intensely hydrating and soothing micro foam mask that works with immediate effects on all skin types. Tired and stressed skin is regenerated and leaves a radiant complexion. The high-quality Jojoba Oil in this formulation is anti-inflammatory and effectively calms the skin after sunburn and leaves the skin soft and silky smooth.

Power tip: The mask can be applied on the face and the body and can be used as a daily moisturizer.

Damaged, tired, and devitalized.

EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask is a luxurious foam mask that can help restore and protect the skin’s appearance from pollution damage, promoting a revitalized look. This mask has been inspired by the recent findings in epigenetic science to help keep skin cells active for longer. Its advanced formula has been designed with carefully selected ingredients that can help increase the skin’s resistance to stress, whilst providing intensive moisture and care. This way, the skin can “recharge its batteries” for a radiant, healthy, youthful appearance.

Power tip: Can leave it overnight as a sleep-in mask.

Mature, dry, and sensitive.

Power Firm Mask is a nourishing and soothing face mask that helps to regulate moisture levels. The 24-hour effectiveness instantly hydrates and firms the skin. This is largely due to the valuable properties and components of selective active ingredients. Facial lines are quickly diminished by relaxing facial muscles.

Power tip: Can be used 3 times a week as an overnight mask.

Tired eyes.

Advanced Collagen Eye Lift Sheet Masks is a triple acting collagen eye mask that features the most advanced technology to renew the skin in only 20 minutes. After only one use, the skin appears hydrated and healthy, as if reborn.

Power tip: Follow up with your Day Collagen or Night Collagen and your preferred QMS Eye Cream.