The Perfect Morning Skincare Routine

The Perfect Morning Skincare Routine

The skin is the barrier between inside and outside worlds. The largest organ of our bodies is actively protecting us during the day. It prevents our bodies from dehydration, protects us from radiation from the sun, gives warning signals through the sense of touch and help regulate body temperature. However, due to the modern lifestyle and all the stressors in it, including the environment, a multitude of factors negatively influence these protective properties.

It is therefore necessary to adapt the home care routine to include a protective focus for the morning and a repair focus during night time. If you like to keep it simple, my advice is always to invest in high-quality basic products. For more powerful results, add a serum under your day cream in the morning to boost the skin’s protection which will also give you that added glow.

Step 1: Cleanse and tone in the morning.

(Yes, even if you went to bed with clean skin) this is because the skin sweats and detoxes at night. These toxins must be removed and allow the protective ingredients to be able to achieve maximum effect. Cleansing and toning has never been easier with Pure Blossom Micellar Water. It can remove make up, cleanse and tone all in one.

Step 2: Eye cream and/or serum application.

This is optional step for those who want simplicity and a quick routine. However, these items are necessary if you have maximum expectations or have a particular skin concern that requires it. Serums are result boosters and I for one do not skip this at all. Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure so add a little bit of effort and you will thank yourself later. Intense Energizing Serum is oxygenating, protective, energizing, anti-aging and gives a glow!

Step 3: Choose a high-quality moisturizer according to your skin type and your age!

Make sure the moisturizer is highly concentrated with potent antioxidants. These are potent free radical scavengers that protect cellular membranes from negative influences of lifestyle and environment. Team Dr Joseph range of moisturizers is packed with plant-based antioxidants and strengthens the skin’s immune system.

Step 4: Do not leave the house without a sunscreen.

Never. Not even in winter. Nowadays, sunscreens are not only sunscreens but treat the skin by advancing the skin’s repair mechanisms and counteracting developing skin damage caused by UV rays. Your Daily High Protection Sun Cream SPF30 is super lightweight, natural formulation and also suitable for highly sensitive skins. In South Africa, it is also a very popular option for dark skin complexion as it does not leave a grey film after application.

Step 5: Why not re-hydrate the skin with a refreshing and thirst-quenching flower mist.

Neroli and Rose Toners are uplifting to the mood, sets make up and replenishes the skin with moisture. Pop it in your handbag and sprits this over your skin whenever you feel the need.


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