Skin Types: Teenage Skin/Acne

Skin Types: Teenage Skin/Acne

THE GOOD NEWS: Youthful skins don’t need to buy many products. The aim is to invest in the best quality of the basic skin care products.

Young skin types, typically have these issues:

  • Tend to be oily to the touch and may appear shiny.
  • Skins tend to get acne breakouts on a regular basis as hormones fluctuate.
  • Some experience ‘maskne’ and back acne.
  • Post acne scars are prominent.
  • Fine lines may start to appear around mid 20s.
  • Pores may appear larger.
  • Blackheads are a main skin concern.
  • Make up could cause irritation or congestion.

SKIN CARE TIP FOR YOUNG SKINS: Consistency is more important than intensity. Ensure you keep to your skin care routine and get advice from the professionals.

RECOMMENDED QMS PRODUCTS: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Oily/Acne, Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel, Liquid Proteins Day & Night Lotion and Collagen Intravital Plus Nutritional Supplement.

What results can you expect after using these products?

  • Deep cleansing the pores without stripping the skin. The skin looks clear and feels refreshed.
  • Breakouts are minimized or cleared completely.
  • Reduces risk of infection and inflammations.
  • Acne scarring is reduced and, the skin looks clear and smooth.
  • The skin is detoxed from pollutants and impurities.
  • Skin texture and large pores are refined.
  • Skin congestion such as blackheads and whiteheads are cleared and prevented.
  • The skin is protected against congestion from make-up and powders.
  • Fine lines are prevented and, skin immune system boosted.