Myth #5: All Vegan products are natural


There is much hype and focus on vegan products recently with many people opting to live a more vegan friendly lifestyle. Consumers are demanding products that do not harm or exploit animals and we agree 100%!

But there is also confusion about what vegan and natural cosmetics mean respectively. And considering this, I would like to clarify and highlight a few aspects for you to consider. This will allow you, the consumer, to ask the right questions and therefore be able to make educated decisions about your skin care products.

The vegan certificate guarantees the exclusion of all animal products and animal testing. Some animal derived ingredients include collagen, gelatine, carmine, cholesterol, honey and beeswax. Although it is true that the cosmetic industry has a history of exploiting animals for their ingredients, more and more regulations have been put in place to restrict the harm to animals. Vegan trends and increase of veganism globally have led to the assumption that all animal derived ingredients are ‘bad’ or ‘harmful’ and likewise, that all vegan products are therefore natural. This is not the case as Fabian Franz from Team Dr Joseph explains: “Beeswax, for instance, is not allowed in vegan cosmetics. Nevertheless, it has an excellent protective and soothing effect on the skin. Besides, during the extraction from sustainable cultivation, bees will not come to any harm.” He further explains: “On the other hand, the “vegan” certificate says nothing about the components themselves. Something called “vegan” may contain synthetic ingredients, pesticides, hormones, and other additives” says Fabian Franz.

At Futurethis, we agree wholeheartedly with sustainable sourcing and production of cosmetics. We strive to offer ecologically friendly and sustainable brands to our consumers. But we also believe that results, safety and quality are of paramount importance too. A combination of all these factors is what makes up a success story. We recommend careful inspection of labels if you are looking for natural products free from harmful ingredients and concentrated with high quality results-driven formulations.

Team Dr Joseph HighTech Natural Cosmetics are completely natural and, apart from the sustainable honey and beeswax in a few products, the range’s core ethics are rooted in plant-based ingredients, holism and innovative science. With each product you get quality natural formulations, a lower carbon footprint to benefit all on our planet and still get the results you want.

Team Dr Joseph offers a wide range of products for all skin types and ages.