Myth #2: Thick moisturizers are the best for dry skins


I often hear:

“apply so much cream but my skin stays dry”.

Thick and heavy creams are outdated and replaced with lightweight textures packed with powerful and deep penetrating actives to enhance how the cells function.

Moisturizers with high water content and which contain mineral oil, have the potential to increase aging and make the skin ‘addicted’ to the moisturizer. When such a moisturizer is applied, the skin feels moistened and supple, however, as the day goes by, the water from the cream and the skin evaporates. In addition to this, the mineral oils could further dehydrate and clog the skin. Suddenly, the skin then ‘craves’ the moisturizer again.

When one looks at how the skin cells are affected, the aging process is in fact accelerated. Normally, the dead horny layer of the epidermis sloughs off as new skin cells from deeper in the skin push them off. However, in this case the dead cells cannot slough off due to intercellular glue that becomes sticky. This is not a good thing as growth factors are inhibited and without growth factors, no rejuvenation can take place. The skin then becomes dull, rough and lined while it continues to crave the moisturizer.

We recommend regularly exfoliation with fruit acids (AHAs) to remove dead skin but also stimulate regeneration and collagen production. By simply adding this step to your routine you will get much more results from the products you apply afterwards.

Serums containing collagen and/or hyaluronic acid are light in texture and most effective at increasing the skin’s moisture storage capacity. Adding a serum is the most effective way to achieve and boost results.

A smooth and glowing skin are signs of a well moisturized skin.

We recommend the following products:

TDJ Ultra Hydration
Serum 30 ml


(90% instant hydration)

TDJ Fruit Acid Peel
50 ml

COLLAGEN SYSTEM 3-Step Routine Set 3 x 30ml


(proven to increase moisture by 201% in only 1 month!)