“Avoid a moisturizer with high water content and use one that fits the skin’s behaviour patterns i.e. one that protects during the day and at night, work with the natural regenerative process.

Multi-tasking hydrators that help the skin to regenerate rather than just plump it temporarily offer a longer term benefit.

Other key factors are lifestyle; conditions of low humidity or if you spend lots of time outdoors make it important to use the right moisturizer.”

– Dr. med. Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics

24hr Cream

A 24hr moisturizing and protective cream for dry, dull and prematurely aged skin. Specially develop to stimulate the cellular metabolism and revitalize skin, it regenerates during the night while offering superior protection during the day. With highly concentrated vitamin A/C/E complex it provides powerful anti-oxidants and regenerates lifeless complexion. Contains SPF6 which is perfect for office workers and those with less exposure to UV radiation.

Moisturizing Balance

Specialized ingredients fill in deep wrinkles and provide immediate hydration and continues to moisturize as well as protect against harsh climatic conditions that lead to stress and excessive redness. This is a moisturizer suitable for mature, dry and stressed skins like those suffering from couperose and other menopausal skin concerns. A comforting and nourishing cream that can be used for day and night but especially for night time use.

Liquid Proteins

A lightweight, silky formulation for oily, dehydrated and combination skins. This intensive moisturizing fluid works with active ingredients which are similar to the skin’s own natural moisturizing factor. The combination of silk proteins help strengthen elasticity and cell turnover, making it ideal for younger skins. Silk proteins provide a protective film over the skin that preventing moisture loss. Squalene is identical to the squalene in the skin’s natural oils and is absorbed extremely well. Ideal as a make-up base or for warm and humid temperatures.

Repair 3 Complex

A revolutionary cream-serum for extremely sensitive and inflamed skins. This formulation is specially developed to reduce the adverse side effects such as redness, swelling, itching and burning….all prevalent in irritated and sensitive skin conditions. The unique ingredient derived from citrus fruit and tomatoe skins, TCM-Naringenin-Calcone, specially targets inflammatory redness and soothes irritated skins.

Sport Active Cream

This is a lightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF15 that contains highly concentrated anti-oxidants and vitamins while stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis to plump out fine lines and wrinkles. The modern active individual is always looking for a moisturizer to target multiple skin concerns in one cream. It also protects against harsh environmental factors that leads to premature skin aging. Perfect for the on the go person and holidays. This cream gives an even skin texture, colour and tone for healthy looking skin.

Cellular Marine

Powerful and advanced, this cream containing stem cell technology, is based on the latest research into stem cells derived from Sea Fennel stem cells. The coastline plant has the unique ability to protect itself from harmful UV radiation and moisture loss – the the two top contributing factors to skin aging. The powerful synergistic combination of active ingredients has instant impact on skin cells to encourage cellular regeneration by enhancing the lifespan of your skin’s own stem cells. Cellular Marine is specially designed to target demanding skins with sun damage, wrinkles and sagging. In addition to the stem cells, this cream has a built in 24 hour moisturizer, botox-like ingredients and protects cellular DNA from harmful and degenerating factors. The result is instant with a luxurious texture. Every time you apply Cellular Marine the life span of your skin’s own stem cells will be significantly extended and skin aging distinctively reduced.

Pearl Touch

A luxurious cream for delicate, mature and dry skins, reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as helping prevent further development of wrinkles. The base of this unique cream is formulated by a combination of ingredients similar to the skin’s own fatty acids. It rebuilds the skin’s protective barrier, stimulates cellular activity and boosts natural moisture levels. Precious pearl proteins provides this luxurious base and is at the same time the active ingredient. The formulation is without added emulsifiers, stabilizers and other chemical additives. Instantly nourishing, this provides comfort to stressed skins leading to a calm, silky and smooth radiant complexion. This cream is exceptionally well absorbed.

Ion Skin Equalizer

The main objective of anti-aging products is to transfer active ingredients into the inner dermal layer of the skin where they have the highest impact. Ion Skin Equalizer is a night time serum and cream combination based on bio-electric technology which visibly revives the look of aged and sagging skins. The serum and cream act in conjunction by harnessing the skin’s own electric current to channel active ingredients deep into the skin and thereby having a deeper and more powerful impact in signs of aging. Containing ingredients to enhance intercellular communication, deep hydration and stimulation of collagen and elastin, the result is tighter and firmer skin without negative implications on the skin’s own protective functions. This leads to longer lasting and intensive results. All menopausal skins should use Ion Skin Equalizer to actively stimulate degenerating skin cells and improve the look of the skin.

Classic Set (Day Collagen, Exfoliant Fluid, Night Collagen)

One of the best ways to address the skin’s moisture levels and reverse the appearance of skin ageing is to address the loss of collagen. The most important factor is to increase cell turnover as this helps the moisture balance settle down again at a normal healthy level. This can be done in various ways; regular exfoliation is key as well as addressing the loss of collagen in the skin. Collagen is the most important protein in the skin it can store approximately 300 time its own molecule weight in moisture and is vital to the skin’s elasticity.