Millennial Man Skincare

For young Millennial men, the best defence is a good offense. The smart way to prevent wrinkles and stay looking youthful is to follow a basic skin care routine and to attack daily environmental stressors with our QMS EpiGen range.

Millennial men are breaking social norms and rewriting all the rules; a greater proportion of men are buying and using skincare products than ever before. Once almost exclusively marketed at women; skincare products are now focusing on men to make them feel more self-assured than ever before.

We suggest our EpiGen range for the modern man. EpiGen is taken from the word ‘epigenetics’ which is a science we are using in skincare. It is a way in which we can access the skin’s DNA and reformat any environmental factors that have influenced the skin. Our EpiGen range is an anti-pollution system of skincare promoting youthful radiance. It is highly recommended for men who lead an active lifestyle, enjoy spending time outdoors and live in Urban areas.


EpiGen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel: Mild cleansing gel to purify the skin with a gentle exfoliating effect. For clients who prefer a gel cleanser and ‘soap-lovers’. Deeply cleansing to the skin without causing tightness. Visibly improves the skin texture and is energizing.

EpiGen Pollution Detox Serum: Anti-pollution serum for the day to promote youthful radiance. Epigenetic science this advanced serum is specifically designed to defend the skin from the damaging effects of external stressors such as UV light and environmental damages of skin aging.

EpiGen Pollution Rescue Mask: Luxurious foam mask that can help restore and protect the skin’s appearance from pollution damage, promoting a revitalised look. Foam mask with Epigenetic technologies and advanced active ingredients that can help restore and protect the skin’s appearance from free radicals.

EpiGen Depuff Pollution Shied Eye Serum: Protective eye serum with Epigenetic peptide, depuffing actives and a cool tip ceramic applicator for an awakened, youthful look.

EpiGen Pollution Defense Day & Night Gel-Cream: Day and night gel cream that is lightweight yet intensely moisturizing. Protects the skin from pollution and environmental aggressors. Quenches thirsty skin and instantly hydrates the skin for more luminous and radiant appearance. Makes the skin appear bouncier and firmer.

This collection is designed to combat tired and dull skin as a result of pollution, damage from UV rays, visible light, oxidative stress and other aggressors that cause epigenetic changes. This set is perfect for restoring youthful radiance to your skin.