How to take care of wrinkled skin

How to take care of wrinkled skin

Ah wrinkles, they seem to appear overnight. One moment you are wrinkle free and the next they seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Usually around the age of 40, women notice a loss of skin firmness and tone. This then often leads to desperation in achieving fast and drastic results, and quick fixes or extreme treatments become an obsession. But the skin is a protective organ. It has its own intelligence, so any extreme treatment or superficial quick fix just won’t give lasting or comprehensive results.

When it comes to wrinkles, the key is collagen – this includes anything that can support, activate and protect the skin’s collagen. This is because collagen contributes to 70% of the skin’s structure. Collagen gives the skin firmness, volume and plays such an important role in the skin’s moisturizing processes. It is by far the most important structure of the skin. However, at the young age of 25 we already start to lose collagen gradually. By 35, the rate at which the skin loses collagen starts to exceed the rate at which collagen synthesis takes place and then, the various signs of aging seem to appear overnight.

First, you might notice small fine lines. Then fine lines are accompanied by wrinkles. As you grow older, a variety of different wrinkles appear. Horizontal lines on your forehead becomes deeper and deeper. Criss cross wrinkles appear on your cheeks. By the time we reach menopause, the aging seemed to have multiplied, and a quick fix won’t have the result you wish to see.

Wrinkle formation is a progressive and complex process. There is not one single factor that leads to the formation of wrinkles. Several biological processes, environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors play a role. While we cannot stop the aging process or change our genetic background, we can do something about the aggressive environmental factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis. We can make lifestyle choices that will support your skin (and our overall health) and slow down development of signs of aging.

So, what can you do about your winkles?

Like I have mentioned above, there is no quick fix or one magical answer that will get rid of your wrinkles overnight. Likewise, there is no one secret to stop the aging process either. We need to look at and respect the skin as an organ that forms part of our body as a whole. For example, there is no point in investing money in your skin care routine if the overall health is ignored.

Like Dr Erich Schulte’s famous quote goes:

“logic not miracles”

Based on this logic, here are my advice for tackling wrinkles:

  1. Stimulate your cell metabolism and circulation with exercise. No cell in the body – including the cells in the deeper dermal layers that make collagen – can live without oxygen. And as you age, oxygen supply to your skin gets less and less. Up to 50% of blood circulation to the skin can be lost over the age of 50. So, get the blood pumping. You will notice an instant glow on your skin and your whole body will love you for it! Remember to stay hydrated too.
  1. Nourish your skin from within. Nutricosmetics is a wonderful way to supplement your skin when life gets too busy to eat well. We all strive to eat well but let’s face it – in the real world we sometimes get too busy to cook. Often, we are just not in the mood to eat what we know we should eat. Although supplements do not replace a balanced diet, they can contribute to preventing and reversing wrinkles. With nutricosmetics, beneficial ingredients can be delivered via the blood circulation to deep layers of the skin where topical products cannot reach.
  2. Protect your skin from the sun and the environment. In South Africa, this is an absolute must. Spending your money on expensive serums and treatments without sun protection is yet another example of “expecting a miracle”. The sun is the number one accelerator of skin aging. Invest in an advanced sun protection product and be consistent your application of it. Indoors or outdoors, winter or summer; make sure this is a priority in your homecare routine. Luckily, with both Team Dr Joseph and QMS sun protection product, wrinkle formation is targeted at a cellular level. They are non-greasy and applies easily with no oily shine or irritating ingredients.
QMS Collagen Intravital Plus

Contains all the necessary vitamins minerals, antioxidants your skin needs for health and vitality. QMS unique natural soluble collagen gives it an added advantage for wrinkles.

QMS Cellular Sun Shield SPF50++++

With a skin identical DNA repair enzyme, this sunscreen not only provides the best UV protection on the market but also counteracts skin damage caused by UV rays.

TDJ Your Daily Sun Protection SPF30

This sunscreen gives a cellular protection and is free from harsh chemical ingredients AND fits in with those looking for natural formulations. Also suitable for African skins and darker complexions who often find sunscreens to leave a grey finish. Don’t worry, this one gives a healthy glow and has super light texture for a silky finish.

  1. Use an AHA based exfoliation at least 3 times a week. AHAs or fruit acids, not only rids the skin from dull dead cells, but they can also stimulate your skin to make collagen and elastin. So, while you are improving the skin’s texture and colour, you are also giving yourself an anti-aging boost and ensuring a better penetration of serums and moisturizers. See and feel the difference immediately!
QMS Active Exfoliant 11%

Get that instant glow, a smooth texture and an antiaging boost all in one. Intensively stimulates the microcirculation and will also boost the oxygen supply to the skin.

TDJ Fruit Acid Peel

A natural and organic exfoliation, gentle yet effective. This exfoliation also combines natural hyaluronic acid for a hydrating and anti-aging result.

  1. Use antioxidant rich moisturizers and serums that protect your skin cells. They provide much needed support against the aggressive external factors like free radicals from pollution, UV rays, stress and, medications to name a few. Ingredients such as resveratrol, vitamin C and A acts as both antioxidant and collagen stimulating actives. If you are investing in a quality brand, this would be already included in all product formulations.
All QMS Collagen Serums

Have a 12hour effect and is proven to get rid of existing wrinkles. Clinical studies proved a massive 48% reduction in all signs of aging after only 12 weeks!

TDJ Well Aging Range

Is a compact yet comprehensive range targeting all signs of aging with organic plant actives combined with the latest technological breakthroughs for long term skin health – including wrinkle busting ingredients.

  1. DIY facial: do-it-yourself facial once a week at home. Especially if you are unable to go for a facial treatment or, if you have a demanding lifestyle and skin.

A simple routine that you can do with both QMS or TDJ is:

  • Cleanse thoroughly
  • Exfoliate with an AHA based exfoliator for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly
  • Tone with cottonwool pads and pat the skin dry
  • Serum application and allow a minute or two for it to penetrate
  • Mask application for 15 minutes. There are some amazing masks with Botox-like effects with visible results. Some masks may be applied overnight or rinse off. Read the product instructions before use.
  • Apply your day/night moisturizer (if you are sleeping with the mask, this would be your moisturizer and not need to reapply again.

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