How to choose the right skin care

Know your skin type:

Oily Skins are characterized by large pores and is more prone to congestion such as blackheads and whiteheads. African and Asian skins are naturally oilier and can easily develop a shine. The good news is that oily skins do not develop wrinkles as fast as dry skins but tend to be more acne-prone.

  • Choose Purifying Range to refine and decongest pores, reduce oily shine and prevent acne breakouts.

Dry skins are characterized by fine pores and often feels tight and might appear tired and dull. These skins might also develop dilated capillaries with flakiness and sensitivity if it is out of balance. Wrinkles tend to form faster the dryer the skin is.

  • Choose Moisturizing Range to replenish lost oil and moisture from the skin while increasing protection to prevent moisture loss and sensitivity. The skin feels soft and signs of dullness disappear.

Combination skins have an oily T-zone where pores are enlarged and possibly clogged while the cheeks tend to get tight, dry and dull.

02 Moisturising / Dry Skin

TDJ Daily Moisturizing Cream


03 Purifying / Oily, Combination Skin

TDJ Daily Purifying Cream


05 Well Aging / Mature Skin

TDJ Fruit Acid Peel


Know your skin conditions:

Skin conditions change throughout our lifetime with age, seasons, and lifestyle choices. After selecting the major range for your skin type, it is time to look at your skin conditions. Combining the below ranges compliment and enhance the results and can make your skin care specific to your needs. To find out your skin conditions, a good tip is to ask yourself: “how does my skin look and feel?” Pay attention to:

  • Radiance and glow: Does your skin have a glow or is it tired? Energizing Range will stimulate the skin’s circulation and oxygenation to give a healthy and radiant glow to tired skins.
  • Pigmentation & skin colour: Is your skin evenly pigmented or do you have dark marks? Select Purifying Range for pigmented acne scars or Well Aging Range for sun spots.
  • Skin texture & smoothness: Is my skin smooth to the touch or does it feel rough? If your skin does not look or feel smooth, an exfoliation is what you need to remove those dead skin cells for soft and smooth looking skin. Fruit Acid Peel once a week is your answer!
  • Sensitivity and vascularity: Does your skin get red and irritated easily? Improve your skin’s immune system by selecting suitable products from the Calming Range. If your skin is hypersensitive, it is recommended to use only products from the Calming Range.
  • Firmness and volume: Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging? Are you over the age of 35? Then Well Aging Range is for you. This comprehensive range targets a wide range of signs of aging. Its focus is to prevent and to reverse existing signs of aging.
  • Special areas and needs: Don’t forget to look at the eye contour and lips. Specialized products slow down appearance of aging. Always use an advanced sun protection. We love Your Daily Sun Protection Cream SFP30 which is lightweight and applies beautifully. Wonderful option for African and Asian skins too.