Caring for Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin, the most common everyday concern experienced by many as the aging process unfolds. It is a topic which comes back again and again as people are looking for answers to alleviate the discomfort dehydration creates.

So why does the skin get dehydrated and what are main the factors that play a role?

Did you know that collagen plays a role in 60% of the skin’s moisturizing processes?

Unfortunately, from the age of 25 we start to lose collagen which then gradually diminishes as the aging process progresses. This affects the quantity and quality of the skin’s collagen. Let’s use the analogy of grapes and raisins. Think of a young skin filled with juicy, firm grapes. As the aging process unfolds, these grapes gradually turn into raisins. They lose their firmness, store less water and become soft and wrinkly. Now, we cannot pour water over a raisin and expect it to become a firm grape again And the same applies for our skin collagen. No matter how much water you drink, if the collagen is of a bad quality, the skin cannot retain water and you will notice this in the skin’s radiance – or lack thereof. Fine lines will appear and, skin tightness is ever present.

But how do we protect quality and quantity of collagen if we cannot stop the aging process? This brings me to my second point…

Protection against the sun and the environment…

Biological aging cannot be stopped. Not for anyone. But we can protect ourselves against those factors that accelerate and aggravate dehydration.

Imagine that you have a bunch of fresh grapes which you don’t get the chance to eat. If they continue to lie in the fruit basket, eventually they will start to resemble a raisin. Now, if we leave those grapes outside in the sun, they will become raisins in record time.

Protecting your skin against the sun is an absolute top priority for South Africans as we are lucky (or unlucky) to have sunshine all year round affecting the quality of our skin’s collagen.

In addition to the negative effects of the sun, there are microscopic particles from pollution that causes damage our cells and further aggravate dryness. Airconditioning is well known to encourage loss of moisture from the skin. People who spend their time in an airconditioned environment often complain about skin tightness and dullness.

Therefore, products that are highly concentrated with superior antioxidants protect your skin cells and keep the collagen in your skin of a high quality.

Invest in a deeply moisturizing facial mask…

Masks are often underestimated and under used. They provide your skin with an instant boost and they often have more than one benefit. For example, in addition to the hydration you want, the right mask can bring major anti-aging results, decongest the skin from impurities and energize tired skins. On top of that, they can save you time and money when you don’t have a chance to go for a facial.

And, last but not least, upgrade your cleansing and toning routine.

It is simple and often the most affordable way to boost the skin’s moisture content. Harsh cleansers may strip the skin of the valuable protective oils. As you go about your day, the skin then has a diminished protection and you lose moisture from the skin.

Since there are so many different product options on the market, I would strongly advise you speak to a skin care professional to make sure you are spending your money on the right products for you. Get in touch with us at so that we can refer you to a knowledgeable and passionate therapist who you can trust.

In the meantime, these products are suitable for all skin types and will definitely give radiance, suppleness and get rid of those unwanted lines!

We recommend the following products:

QMS Collagen Serums

Containing 70% natural soluble collagen – are unique in that they can boost the skin’s hydration by 210% in only 4 weeks! With 3-fold hyaluronic acid complex, you are sure to get that moisture levels up immediately.

TDJ Ultra Hydration Serum

A completely plant-based organic option and gives 90% instant hydration. With natural hyaluronic acid and figure hydration extract, this serum is a light and powerful collagen stimulating serum.

QMS Deep Gentle Cleansing &
Hydrating Boost Mist

Intensive cleansing and hydration, this super combination boosts the skin’s barrier protection to prevent moisture loss.

TDJ Daily Cleansing Milk &
Balancing Toner

With cell activating plant ingredients, it deeply cleanses while keeping the skin soft and supple. It also ensures deep penetration of plant actives afterwards.

QMS Hydrofoam Mask

A firm favourite amongst QMS lovers because it doubles up as a moisturizer and a mask. Herbal oils from shea butter and jojoba is combined with a radiance-boosting vitamin complex for all skin types. Great value for money!

TDJ Moisturizing Mask

Organic plant actives instantly soften and, hyaluronic acid leaves your skin supple and smooth in 15 minutes. It is gentle yet active. Say goodbye to that tight feeling and aging fine lines.