Amazing new products from QMS – skin only gets better!

New Products and How To Use Them

QMS Medicosmetics provide targeted and scientifically proven treatments that visibly transform skin through delivering immediate and long-term results. Founded by doctors with a medical approach to skin, QMS is grounded in science and the brand has long been known for the pioneering approach to creating innovative products.

QMS combines the highest quality active ingredients with scientific formulations, to help change the structure and quality of your skin. We are experts in the science of skincare focusing on concerns of the modern client and lifestyle.

In our world, it is all about logic, not miracles. Here are our latest innovative products to keep your skin looking visibly radiant, youthful and healthy.

Collagen Recovery Day & Night Cream:

This is the ideal moisturizer for those in their menopausal years. Developed to target skin concerns relating to hormonal changes – in particular, the loss of oestrogen. This formulation includes skin identical collagen, slow release of super-hydrating hyaluronic acid which provides sustained moisture, all day and all night. In addition to that, cell stimulating growth factors and sources rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and flavonoids make this a superior anti-aging moisturizer which targets multiple advanced aging concerns in one. Suitable as a day and night cream.

TIP: We always recommend applying the QMS pioneering Day and Night Collagen Serums before applying this moisturizer for additional anti-aging power.

Collagen Concentrates:

  • Are you always feeling dry and dehydrated?
  • Is the winter weather causing tightness, dullness and visible fine lines?
  • Do you want a quick boost that gives your skin a quick and powerful plump-up and glow without changing your entire routine?

These super concentrates are for those with demanding dry and dehydrated skin.

They are formulated with double concentration of the NEOTEC A15 advanced synergistic complex of collagen and hyaluronic acid as well as a deep-acting skin-restructuring peptide complex. It packs a powerful firming and moisturizing result. Designed to be used for 7 days consecutively, morning and evening, ideally under your Day and Night Collagen Serums.

TIP: Enjoy a QMS Anti-aging facial treatment and then go home with this valuable spoil. Use it the day after the facial. Even your husband will notice the difference!

Advanced Collagen Serum in Oil:

In South Africa we often notice signs of premature skin aging due to our all-year beautiful sunshine weather. Advanced Collagen Serum in Oil is a lightweight, three phase nourishing oil designed to bring balance to the hydro-lipid levels in premature aging and demanding skins.

Its formulation combines the unique collagen serum with Bakuchiol oil – a safe, natural alternative to retinol – which has no side effects. Other natural sources of vitamin B, C, E and fruit acids provide a strong antioxidant effect, while it visible improves skin tone and elasticity.

TIP: This is a superior serum option for anyone looking for the ultimate in skin regeneration. It may be used all year around or, use it as a booster once or twice a year to reverse the undesired effects of the aging process.

Which ever collagen product you choose, your skin will benefit and your skin will visibly look and feel at its best. Should you wish to have a consultation to get the best advice, please get in touch with us for skin expert advice. We take into account your age, skin type, preferences and lifestyle to give you the most advanced bespoke skin regimen on the market today.