5 Things that dry out your skin

5 Things that dry out your skin out

A skin without moisture is a dull and tired skin. Not only that, but aging is accelerated in dry skins. Here are some common mistakes people tend to be unaware of in their skincare routines as well as some easy tips and advice for alternatives options that gives a glowing and healthy appearance to the skin.

Soap and harsh cleansers:

As with soap, ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate has been known to dry skin out and have a negative impact on the skin pH. They strip the skin of its natural oils and could easily lead to irritation and allergies. These stripping ingredients – that give you that squeaky-clean, tight feeling – is in fact, a big influencer on why so many clients experience oily skins.

Natural and organic products ensure the skin’s acid mantle is respected as it forms and important part of the skin’s immune system. If you love a gel lather over your skin, give the Purifying Cleansing Gel a try. It leaves the skin feeling smooth, clean and supple. For an even easier cleansing and toning routine, we recommend the Pure Blossom Micellar Cleansing Water.


Alcohol is a collective term used for a group of liquids. They may be used for a wide variety of functions including preserving natural ingredients and have an anti-bacterial effect. Even though they have these properties, alcohols such as ethanol can easily cause a vicious cycle of skin issues. Toners and perfumes are often culprits that contain this harsh ingredient that strips the skin of its natural sebum layers. This makes the skin dry and sensitive to the sun.

Team Dr Joseph natural formulations are free from damaging alcohols and instead use functional plant extracts to preserve product freshness and provide anti-bacterial properties. Fragrances are all from natural origin and enhance the appearance of the skin. Daily Balancing Toner gently balances the skin, leaving it soft and supple and comes without that harsh alcohol smell.

Mineral Oils:

Also listed on ingredient packaging as paraffin oil, liquid paraffin, paraffinum liquidum, and liquid petroleum, these oils have amazing cleansing performance in make up removers or milky cleansers. They are also used in moisturizers for their emollience but over time causes dehydration and clogs the pores.

The natural formulation of the Team Dr Joseph range is complete free from these oils, using plant oils such as shea butter, almond, olive, jojoba and many more beautiful oils. Try Gentle Make Up Remover. See and feel the difference in your skin when nature takes over.

Incorrect home care products for your skin:

We often forget that the skin is an organ that evolves and changes over time. Many factors such as aging, the environment and climate, medications and lifestyle choices influence the skin’s oil-moisture balance. It is therefore important to reassess and update your home care products accordingly.

Professional skin experts can perform a consultation and skin analysis to include all the relevant factors that may affect your skin and advise the best product options for your skin type, conditions and age.

Exposure to excessive heat:

Hot showers and baths feel super relaxing at times, but they serve no good purpose for your skin’s moisture levels. Water escapes from the skin and may lead to dry itchy skins.

Keep the water warm or lukewarm (not hot) and apply a moisturizer or a mask immediately after the shower or bath. Get your glow back with Intensive Moisturising Mask containing smooth protection complex to alleviate dry skins and protects it from external environmental aggressors. Due to the high-tech formulation, this complex maintains natural hydration levels for 48 hours.

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