5 Natural Ingredients You Need to Know about Now!

5 Natural Ingredients You Need to Know about Now!


This powerful antioxidant ingredient with lifting effect counteracts muscle slackening, improving the contours around the jawline that occurs due to sagging. It moisturizes the skin and improves skin elasticity, making it feel firm and smooth. Combine this with an AHA for a synergistic action to achieve a facelift effect. TRY! The velvety texture of Intense Repair Well Aging Mask.


Also known as old man’s beard, this multi-functional ingredient has a protective effect against UVB radiation-induced inflammation, aiding in the prevention of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after acne breakouts. This is a great ingredient to use if you struggle with ‘maskne’. Usnea is also known to fight infections and help to treat and prevent acne. Found in high concentration in the Deep Purifying Serum for oily and problematic skin types.

Natural hyaluronic acid:

This natural non-animal hyaluronic acid is obtained through fermentation. Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of our skins which acts as a water reservoir and shock-absorber. It is a very important supportive structure in our dermis, giving plumpness and elasticity. We love hyaluronic acid because of its fast-acting properties and amazing results. Combined with fig extract, the Intense Hydration Serum gives the skin an instant moisture boost and plumps out those dry fine lines in no time.

Argan Oil:

Also known as “Liquid Gold from Morocco” is super high in essential fatty acids and rich in antioxidants and vitamin. This makes this oil a great choice of in sensitive, dry, mature and stressed skins. The protective and nourishing qualities of this natural oil from the argan tree is also often used by Moroccon women to protect against sun damage and pigmentation. Daily Cellular Hand Protection Cream with SPF10 soothes and moisturize our over-sanitized, dry hands.

Hibiscus Extract:

We love hibiscus because this extract is a botanical alternative to Botox. It is effective at minimizing muscle contractions that lead to wrinkle formation. These wrinkles occur due to tense muscles and often lead to deep lines on the forehead and around the eye contour. In addition to this, it is also a very strong antioxidant that protects against free radicals in the environment and from stress. Try out the Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream.